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The Nissan Motor Company, Ltd. The company sells its vehicles under the Nissan, Infiniti , and Datsun brands with in-house performance tuning products labelled Nismo.

The company traces its name to the Nissan zaibatsu , now called Nissan Group. As of , Renault holds a In , Nissan was the largest car manufacturer in North America. As of April , Nissan was the world's largest electric vehicle EV manufacturer, with global sales of more than , all-electric vehicles. In , the company produced its first car, called the DAT.

The new car's model name was an acronym of the company's investors' surnames :. It was renamed to Kaishinsha Motorcar Co. DAT Motorcar Co. Beginning in , the first DAT trucks were produced for the military market. At the same time, Jitsuyo Jidosha Co. Commercial operations were placed on hold during Japan's participation in World War I , and the company contributed to the war effort. From to , the company produced light cars and trucks under the name of Lila.

In , the company name was Nipponized to Jidosha-Seizo Co. The name 'Nissan' originated during the s as an abbreviation [18] used on the Tokyo Stock Exchange for Ni hon San gyo. At this time Nissan controlled foundries and auto parts businesses, but Aikawa did not enter automobile manufacturing until The zaibatsu eventually grew to include 74 firms and became the fourth-largest in Japan during World War II. As Tobata Casting was a Nissan company, this was the beginning of Nissan's automobile manufacturing.

In , Aikawa separated the expanded automobile parts division of Tobata Casting and incorporated it as a new subsidiary, which he named Nissan Motor Co. In , construction of its Yokohama plant was completed. In , the first car manufactured by an integrated assembly system rolled off the line at the Yokohama plant. In November Nissan's headquarter was moved to Hsinking , the capital of Manchukuo.

This, along with Aikawa's visit to Detroit, was to greatly affect Nissan's future. Most of the machinery and processes originally came from the United States. When Nissan started to assemble larger vehicles under the "Nissan" brand in , much of the design plans and plant facilities were supplied by the Graham-Paige Company.

In David Halberstam 's book The Reckoning , Halberstam states "In terms of technology, Gorham was the founder of the Nissan Motor Company" and that "young Nissan engineers who had never met him spoke of him as a god and could describe in detail his years at the company and his many inventions.

From Datsun began to build Austin 7s under license. This operation became the greatest success of Austin 's overseas licensing of its Seven and marked the beginning of Datsun's international success. In , Nissan entered into a legal agreement with Austin, [28] [29] for Nissan to assemble 2, Austins from imported partially assembled sets and sell them in Japan under the Austin trademark.

The agreement called for Nissan to make all Austin parts locally within three years, a goal Nissan met. Nissan produced and marketed Austins for seven years. The agreement also gave Nissan the rights to use Austin patents, which Nissan used in developing its own engines for its Datsun line of cars. In , British-built Austins were assembled and sold, but by , the Austin A50 — completely built by Nissan and featuring a new cc engine—was on the market in Japan. Nissan produced 20, Austins from to Nissan leveraged the Austin patents to further develop their own modern engine designs past what the Austin's A- and B-family designs offered.

The apex of the Austin-derived engines was the new design A series engine in This engine powered the new Datsun , which gained Nissan respect in the worldwide sedan market.

The Z was an immediate sensation and lifted Nissan to world-class status in the automobile market. During the Korean War , Nissan was a major vehicle producer for the U. The union that organized Nissan's workforce was strong and militant. Workers were locked out, and several hundred were fired. The Japanese government and the U. A new labor union was formed, [34] with Shioji Ichiro one of its leaders.

Ichiro had studied at Harvard University on a U. He advanced an idea to trade wage cuts against saving 2, jobs. Between and , Nissan "expanded rapidly on the basis of technical advances supported — and often suggested — by the union.

In , Nissan merged with the Prince Motor Company , bringing more upmarket cars, including the Skyline and Gloria , into its selection. The Prince name was eventually abandoned, and successive Skylines and Glorias bore the Nissan name.

Nissan Red Stage itself has been replaced as of The Skyline lives on as the G Series of Infiniti. To capitalize on the renewed investment during Summer Olympics , Nissan established the gallery on the second and third floors of the San-ai building, located in Ginza, Tokyo. To attract visitors, Nissan started using beautiful female showroom attendants where Nissan held a competition to choose five candidates as the first class of Nissan Miss Fairladys, modeled after "Datsun Demonstrators" from the s who introduced cars.

Miss Fairladys became the marketers of the Datsun Fairlady In the s, Nissan decided to expand into worldwide markets. Nissan management realized their Datsun small car line would fill an unmet need in markets such as Australia and the world's largest car market, the United States.

By , Nissan had become one of the world's largest exporters of automobiles. In the wake of the oil crisis , consumers worldwide especially in the lucrative U.

To meet the growing demand for its new Nissan Sunny , the company built new factories in Mexico Nissan Mexicana was established in the early s and commenced manufacturing since at their Cuernavaca assembly facility , making it their first North American assembly plant , Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, United States Nissan Motor Manufacturing Corporation USA was established in and South Africa.

The addition of mass-market automobiles was in response to the Voluntary Export Restraints imposed by the U. An engine plant in Decherd, Tennessee followed, most recently a second assembly plant was established in Canton, Mississippi.

In , Teocar was created, which was a Greek assembly plant created in cooperation with Theoharakis. The plant started production in , assembling Datsun pick-up trucks and continuing with the Nissan Cherry and Sunny automobiles. Until May , vehicles were made, mainly for Greece. By the early s, Nissan Datsun had long been the best selling Japanese brand in Europe. Nissan tried to convert the Greek plant into one manufacturing cars for all European countries [ citation needed ].

However, due to issues with the Greek government [ citation needed ] not only did that not happen but the plant itself was closed. The City of Sunderland in the north east of England was chosen for its skilled workforce and its location near major ports.

By , it was producing , vehicles per year, landing it the title of the most productive plant in Europe. In , Nissan established a manufacturing plant in Brazil. To meet increased production targets, Dongfeng-Nissan expanded its production base in Guangzhou , which would become Nissan's largest factory around the globe in terms of production capacity.

In mid, the company announced it would shut down factories in Indonesia and Spain, and would exit the South Korean car market. In June , Carlos Ghosn was named chief executive officer of Nissan. In May , Ghosn was named president of Nissan's partner company Renault. He had been due to hold a news conference, but instead, his lawyers released a video of Ghosn alleging this Nissan scandal is itself evidence of value destruction and Nissan corporate mismanagement.

The appointment would be made "effective" by 1 January at the latest. In the U. Hiroto Saikawa, CEO at the time, confirmed the majority of those cuts would be plant workers.

In the Zama plant began to be robotized; this automation process then continued throughout Nissan's factories.

Nissan electric vehicles have been produced intermittently since In the Nissan Leaf plug-in battery electric vehicle was introduced; it was the world's most sold plug-in electric car for nearly a decade. It was preceded by the Altra and the Hypermini. Until surpassed by Tesla, Nissan was the world's largest electric vehicle EV manufacturer, with global sales of more than , all-electric vehicles as of April In Australia , between and , Nissan Australia shared models with Ford Australia under a government-backed rationalisation scheme known as the Button Plan , with a version of the Nissan Pintara being sold as the Ford Corsair and a version of the Ford Falcon as the Nissan Ute.

The two minivans were virtually identical aside from cosmetic differences. In , Nissan and Ford announced the discontinuation of the arrangement. It was also sold in Japan as a captive import , with the Nissan model marketed as the Nissan Mistral.

Nissan licensed the Volkswagen Santana. Production began in , at Nissan's Zama, Kanagawa , [74] [75] and ended in May From to , Nissan cooperated with Alfa Romeo to build the Arna. In , GM announced its intentions to rebadge the Nissan NV commercial van as the model year Chevrolet City Express, to be introduced by end of The Nissan equivalent was marketed as the Nissan Vannette Cargo. In , facing severe financial difficulties, Nissan entered an alliance with Renault S. Signed on 27 March , the Renault-Nissan Alliance was the first of its kind involving a Japanese and French car manufacturer, each with its own distinct corporate culture and brand identity.

In the spring of , Yanase , Japan's premier seller of imported automobiles, cancelled its licensing contract with Renault, and Nissan took over as the sole licensee.

The Renault-Nissan Alliance has evolved over the years to Renault holding The alliance itself is incorporated as the Renault-Nissan B. Renault-Nissan B.

Under CEO Ghosn's "Nissan Revival Plan" NRP , the company has rebounded in what many leading economists consider to be one of the most spectacular corporate turnarounds in history, [82] catapulting Nissan to record profits and a dramatic revitalization of both its Nissan and Infiniti model line-ups.

Car Logos - Complete List

Along with quality, customers are paying attention to a number of other aspects that make up a business, such as social responsibility, eco-friendliness, and brand identity. Over the years, a brand usually uses more than one emblem. Furthermore, a logo shapes your opinion of a business and its products. Given a stunning variety of good-looking designs, the task seemed to be overwhelming at first. Nonetheless, we did it!

With the growth of the Indian car market, many people have started looking for vehicles that have been manufactured in India. Are you planning on purchasing a vehicle from one of the Indian car brands? If so, then here is a guide to the best car manufacturers in India:. The company was founded way back in and was first a manufacturer of locomotives, having introduced its first commercial vehicle in The automotive industry is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and has numerous assembly and manufacturing plants in Pune, Dharwad, Sanand, Lucknow, Pantnagar, and Jamshedpur.

Beautiful Company Logos: 25 Fresh Logos of Famous Brands and Their History

This is an incomplete list of every brand also known as make or marque of car ever produced. Some are from manufacturing companies that also use their company name as a brand name; others are from subsidiary companies or divisions, or are products of badge engineering. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Nissan Motor Company, Ltd. The company sells its vehicles under the Nissan, Infiniti , and Datsun brands with in-house performance tuning products labelled Nismo.

60’s: A change for the automobile industry

We all know that a logo is a symbol that is used to identify a company and that appears on its products, so we did the largest collection of all logos from the best car brands in the world. These car logos are recognizable all over the world. Logos can show a lot about how big a brand is. Here you can find the largest collection from A-Z. When a company sets out to design their logo, there are number of psychological factors than go into it.

To find out about offers in your location, please go to the local Mercedes-Benz website. Visitors from the U. Discover all about racing and our drive for lifestyle, sustainab Efficient driving pleasure: EQA is the name of the new entry-level model to the all-electric world of Merce Discover the current vehicle models from Mercedes-Benz: Passenger vehicles, vans, trucks and buses. The G-Class is a car built for stories. Discover its adventurous anecdotes from all over the world.

Be ijing Automobile. BYD C. C Cadillac Cardi Cate rham Ce irano. NSU O ldsmobile O ltcit. Wikipedia - Automobile Manufacturers - A complete list of all car manufacturers listed by country. Open navigation menu.

Indian Car Brands Names – List And Logos Of Indian Cars

Whether it be be a classic car, sports car, muscle car, your dream car or the most expensive one. The history of cars tell that all car brands worldwide have been part of our collective world happenings ever since the 19th century. We provide you with all the information you need about cars and present you with all car companies in the auto industry.

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