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By Daniel Partner. On the fifth day, God spoke again.

365 Bible Stories & Prayers

By Daniel Partner. On the fifth day, God spoke again. He said, I want the seas to be filled with living things. I want birds to fly in the sky. So God created everything that lives in the sea and flies in the sky.

And God blessed them. Then God said, Let the animals live on earth. So he created big animals and little things that creep on the ground. God saw that all this was good. Finally God said, Now I am going to make human beings. Unlike the animals, they will stand up tall and have a soul. They will be like me, rule the earth, and care for it. So God took some dust from the ground and formed man.

He breathed the breath of life into him. Man became alive. God blessed them saying, I want you to live all over the earth. God saw that everything he had made was very good. This ended the sixth day. The man God created was named Adam. This garden was big. Four rivers ran through it. Beautiful plants and trees grew there. They were good for food.

God told Adam to take care of the garden. Next God created the animals and birds out of the dust. He brought them to the man and Adam named them all. But Adam was alone. This is not good, God said. I will make someone to be with Adam and to help him. So God made Eve. God made Eve in a wonderful way: When Adam was asleep, God took a rib out of him. God made a woman with that rib and brought her to Adam.

They loved each other. Adam named the woman Eve. They lived at peace in their beautiful garden. They cared for it as God asked, and God walked with them there. Two special trees grew in Eden.

One was named the Tree of Life. God warned them about the other tree. It was the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. If you eat of this tree, he said, you will die.

Now there was a sneaky creature in the garden—the serpent. Eve answered, He said if we do we will die. That is not true, the serpent lied. Eat it and you will be like God. She gave some to Adam and he ate it. Suddenly, they knew they were wrong. For the first time they were afraid to meet God. God walked in the cool garden breeze. But Adam and Eve were hiding among the trees. Where are you? The woman gave me the fruit. I ate it, the man said. So God spoke to the woman.

What have you done? The serpent tricked me, she said, and I ate. God turned to the serpent. You have done this, so you will always crawl on your belly. You will hate the woman. She will also hate you. You and her child will fight.

He will crush your head. You will bite him on the heel. Adam, God said, you listened to her and ate from the tree. So you must work for all you get from the earth. You will sweat and suffer all your life. I made you out of dust. So you will turn back into dust. Adam and Eve lived outside the garden until they died. A flaming sword guards the path to the Tree of Life. No one has gone back there since they left. When the boys became men they worked like their father. Cain was a farmer. Abel was a shepherd.

One day Cain brought fruit to give to God. He worked to grow the fruit on his farm. Abel had a gift for God too. He gave a lamb that had been born in the field. Cain became angry, so God asked him, Why are you angry? Be careful. Sin might catch you. Later, Cain killed Abel while he was walking in the field. God asked Cain, Where is your brother? God said. You murdered Abel. You will always live under a curse. Along time passed after Cain killed Abel.

The land was full of people. God looked at the world he had made. The people were wicked. God said, I am sorry I made these people. But God saw one good man named Noah. He told Noah, I am going to wipe out the people I made. They will die with all things on earth. Only you are living right. So you and your family will be saved. Then God told Noah to build a huge boat called an ark. This ark was as big as a three-story building.

I am going to flood the earth with water, God said, All the people and all the animals will drown.

365 Bible Stories and Prayers: Biblical Readings to Share All Through the Year

People of all ages and backgrounds turn to the Bible for inspiration and guidance in their daily lives. Seasons of Devotion provides a brief Bible reading and prayer for each day of the year, arranged under a different theme for each week. The book ends with a comprehensive index of subjects, making this a book that people can turn to at any time, depending on the particular need, mood or special occasion. God's Creation 2. God's Fatherhood 3. God's Word 4. God's Spirit 5.

The Bible stories are broken up into 14 mini-books that allow for your children to make their own mini-Bible story books. All books are in clear copy here, and all files are secure so don't worry about it. All the excitement, adventure, history, and spiritual truths of the Bible … L. John Daniel1. Maybe you have knowledge that, people have look hundreds times for their chosen books like this the childrens bible in stories, but end up in malicious downloads. These classic bible stories will help develop faith in young hearts as well as an understanding of God and His people. Search for: Follow Blog via Email.

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Oct 3, - Bible Stories and Prayers: Biblical Readings to Share These are our top picks to · Bible PdfChildren's Bible. Scripture Study. Bible Verses.

The 365 Day Children’s Bible

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Seasons of Devotion

These classic bible stories will help develop faith in young hearts as well as an understanding.

365 Bible Stories and Prayers: Biblical Readings to Share All Through the Year

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Children love Bible stories, especially when they are written in age-appropriate, easy-to-understand language. Over well-loved stories from the Old and New Testaments, and a selection of traditional and original prayers, are brought to life with simple language and colorful illustrations for children of all ages to enjoy. At the end of each story you'll even find questions to help stimulate discussion, and to help precious young minds understand God's Word. We discover interesting facts about Bible times and talk about the people in the stories. Also included are finger puppets, Bible story starters, and fun, easy crafts.

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Full Version 365 Bible Stories and Prayers: Biblical Readings to Share All Through the Year

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365 Read-Aloud Bedtime Bible Stories

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