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If such be the case, then Rushdie is a mass murderer. And like all mass murderers, he should go on trial, alongwith all those who aided and abetted him with his SatanicVerses. I'm Schizophrenic, and so am I.

Satanic Voices Ancient and Modern

If such be the case, then Rushdie is a mass murderer. And like all mass murderers, he should go on trial, alongwith all those who aided and abetted him with his SatanicVerses. I'm Schizophrenic, and so am I. Nevertheless they deserve recognition. Nesta H. Websterdeserves a very special mention. Her courage in taking onthe occult 'Establishment' is an inspiration to us all. Other sources are provided in the bibliography, and the restmentioned in passing.

Some important contributors do notappear in this particular work, and warrant an entire bookdedicated to them, and their selfless dedication to justiceand the establishment of a benevolent system of government. Foremost among these is Abraham Lincoln whose 'Islamic'monetary policy caused him to be assassinated, by the ownersof the 'Satanic Purses'.

For his tireless efforts in trying to expose the corruptionand institutionalised fraud in our occult banking andjudicial system, a special thank you goes to John DerekPett, co-founder of The National Association for Victims offraud and Banking Malpractice; along with Mr and Mrs AlfredCullinane, Paul Jenkins, Robert Owen, J.

Watson, RichardWalster, Jim Salt and many other victims of fraud. A Special thank you to Navid Butt, Anwar Rashid, and NadimButt, Brother Shamoon and Amjad Khan, and all those whocontributed their time and efforts in fund raising andpropagation activities, and those who for various reasonswish to remain anonymous.

Last but not least my wife and family, who for many yearshave had to put up with a house full of books, papers andme. We must intensify the destruction of all religions,wherever they are being practiced and taught. Bergman, Fellini and others made the most successful secularrevolts into the territory of the sacred; I prefer thegreater possibilities of the novel. Hefrees Adam and impresses the seal of humanity and liberty onhis forehead, by making him disobedient.

Woe to the hypocrites; for the praises of thisworld shall turn into the insults of hell. The choice of Satanic Voices for the main title relates tothe voices of anarchy, blasphemy and dissent that have beenaudibly polluting our environment throughout history. We mustnow also add financiers and bankers to the list of addicts. The fact that the former leader of theBradford Council of Mosques stated that he didn't want theRushdie issue solving until the government gave in to theirother demands, is a good example of ignorance in action.

Former British diplomat Hasan Gai Eaton said, that whileMuslims will sagely nod in agreement when you state thatignorance, hypocrisy and fanaticism do exist in the Muslimworld, they usually assume that they themselves are notguilty.

The fanatical book burning scenes in Bradford shouldbe interpreted as the signs of repressed doubt. You can study the history of theChurch. Always in those periods when the Church begins towaver, the style becomes fanatical, or fanatical sectsspring up because the secret doubt has to be quenched The primaryobjective of advertising is to first create the demandthrough publicity and then saturate the market.

There are much earlier examples of Satanic Verses. Hisfather wrote to him saying that he did not know if thespirit that was driving his son was Angelic or Faustian. Permanent membersare people like Banker Lord Roll of S. Dennis Healey was a regular attenderof Bilderberg and was on the Steering Committee long beforehe became Chancellor. Freemasons of allranks and degrees have been duped into working towards thisgoal in the belief that it is sanctioned with divineauthority.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The Zionists knew that Christians and Orthdox Jews wouldnever support a movement that held Nimrod and the Tower ofBabel in such high regard, so through the age old processwhich I call Generic Engineering they switched all the namesand thus disguised their real intention, which was to expelthe true believers in the God of Christ, Abraham, Ismael,Isaac, Jacob and the tribes of Israel by installing theforces of Anti-God and Anti-Christ in their place.

The Edifice now under construction is the culmination ofefforts by successive generations of materialist Jews,Gentiles, Arabs, and Persians alike. Hamdan Karmath andAbdullah Ibn Maymun, for example, whose disciples have forcenturies been working towards the construction of a NewTower of Babel on the site where the Prophet Solomon builtthe first Temple: the site of the second temple from whichJesus evicted the Money Changers and the site from where theProphet Muhammad ascended into heaven.

This doubt, which almost proved terminal, and from which theIslamic World is only just beginning to emerge after years, would not have had such lasting effects, had the Westshown the same degree of gratitude to the Arabs as the Arabshad shown towards the Chinese and the Greeks when recordingtheir contribution towards Islamic science.

Under Islamicthinking science developed to reveal the existence of God. In contrast, the learning of the academics and scientists ofthe West was intended for purely material advancement andsecular worldly power which, when combined with their falseevidence and assumptions, seemed to establish conclusivelythat there was and is no God.

Selective integrity is prevalent in the West and peculiar tothe Western mind. If not, then the self-doubt withinthe Islamic world would have been short lived. Modern Muslims adopted the famous Saudi I. Nonetheless, some Afghan Mujahideen have shown how to standand defend the honour of Islam and in so doing have earnedthe respect of the British and the Russian Army - twinbranches of the Gog-MaGog family axis.

Karls Marx mentions this in his politicalwritings on the class struggles in France This ishowever, as we will see, not a new phenomenon, it has justbecome more widely spread and better orchestrated than atany other time in history.

The Royal Arch Degree actuallyinvokes the devil in its rituals which consist of 9 men ingroups of 3 incanting the ancient name of Satan in disguise:Jehovah Jah-Baal-On: The large phallic obelisk at ancient ONwas called God, the father, by the priests of On. TheWashington Monument is a much larger replica of that Satanicobelisk erected by Priapic Senuseret 1st at ancient On. Chosen to convey the GoodNews to all mankind, not to make it an exclusive club.

They are a people currently preoccupied with the latestHolocaust they have had to face, a people who do not welcomeany objective investigation into its real causes or theclear prophecies which relate to them, out of the fear thatthis might devalue its currency value.

It is beyond question that The Children of Israel were for awhile chosen above all other nations by Almighty God. However, this was always conditional upon them upholding notonly the letter of the Law but also the spirit of theeverlasting covenant between Abraham and Almighty God. Remember Moses had to relearn hisreligion from his Arab father-in-law Jethroe, the Sheikh ofMidian, whom Aaron and the Elders acknowledged when theyaccepted him as their equal and his sacrifice to their Lord,having first kissed him and paid homage to him.

Exodus] As stated elsewhere, it is very important to remember thatthe official religion of The Children of Israel was notJudaism, this being a much later development which relatedpurely to the desire of the tribe of Judah to emerge as topnation and spiritual leaders of the first Islamic nation -Israel -, contrary to the Mosaic Law.

ThereforeJudaism would not have been the name given to the religionby Moses. If a tribal name had been intended it would surelyhave been the tribe of Levi and Leviism, and not Judah andJudaism as we have been led to believe. Levites cf. Luke Pat Boon, the American singer and evangelist, said there arethree kinds of Judaism, one Orthodox one unorthodox and theother Christian.

In other words, Christianity is Judaismwith the ethics and sentiments intact. And verily they that are of the sons of Levi,who received the office of the priesthood, have acommandment to take tithes of the people according to thelaw, that is, of their bretheren, though they come out ofthe loins of Abraham: But he whose descent is not countedfrom them received tithes from Abraham As I may so say,Levi also, who receiveth tithes, payed tithes in Abraham.

For he was yet in the loins of his father, when Melchisedecmet him. If therefore perfection were by the Leviticalpriesthood for under it the people received the law , whatfurther need was there that another priest should rise afterthe order of Melchisedec, and not be called after the orderof Aaron? For the priesthood being changed, there is made ofnecessity a change also of the Law.

For it is evident that our Lord sprang out of Juda;of which tribe Moses spake nothing concerning priesthood. And yet it is far more evident that after the similitude ofMelchisedec there ariseth another priest. Who is made notafter the law of a carnal commandment but after the power ofan endless life Aminister of the sanctuary, and of the true tabernacle, whichthe Lord pitched and not man.

For findingfault with them, He saith, behold the day cometh saith theLord, when I will make a new covenant with the House ofIsrael and with the house of Judah. On July 27th , aspecial decree was issued against anti- semitism. We blame only the system with its authorsand abettors who considered Russia the best field forexperimenting with a plan elaborated years ago, and who fromthere continued to spread it from one end of the world tothe other.

Hence Satanic Voices for the title of this book. This has certainly beenthe experience of members of The Islamic Party of Britain,even though it had been calling for a dialogue to take placebetween the various factions since the party was launched inSeptember Yet, when it recently called for asuspension of this very same Fatwa, on the grounds that, byhis own admission, Rushdie had in fact suffered - the longsuspected - Psychotic Schizophrenic breakdown, described sographically in the book, the silence was, and has remaineddeafening.

So why, all of a sudden, the loss of interest or Media-Amnesia? An endemic, recurring contagion,usually contracted by editorial staff following discussionswith owners and producers, or during dinners at the Lodge:There being few notable exceptions. But then again, onreflection, perhaps they had? This is anopen admission that the psychotic-schizophrenic fall andflying sequences of both Chamcha and Farishta weredisguised, non fictional accounts of himself [as were othermembers of his family disguised, he says, in earliernovels].

He intended thereby to protect his own personalsensitivities and those of his close family members, whileallowing him to make highly sen Elizabeth Miller - Dracula Donald M.

Satanic Voices - Ancient and Modern (1992).pdf

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NCBI Bookshelf. Cook CCH. Oxon UK : Routledge;

Satanic Voices - Ancient and Modern PRELUDEThe road to hell is paved with bad intentionsBy our mockeries and our attacks upon them, we shall make their priests ridiculous then odious, and then their religion as ridiculous and as odious as their clergy. We must intensify the destruction of all religions, wherever they arebeing practiced and taught.

Available to purchase now in Hardcover here:. In , when the state of Oklahoma erected a statue of the Ten Commandments on the grounds of the state capitol, a group calling themselves The Satanic Temple applied to erect a statue of Baphomet alongside the Judeo-Christian tablets. Since that time, The Satanic Temple has become a regular voice in national conversations about religious freedom, disestablishment, and government overreach. In addition to petitioning for Baphomet to appear alongside another monument of the Ten Commandments in Arkansas, the group has launched campaigns to include Satanic "nativity scenes" on government property in Florida, Michigan, and Indiana, offer Satanic prayers at a high school football game in Seattle, and create "After School Satan" programs in elementary schools that host Christian extracurricular programs. Since their founding, The Satanic Temple has established 19 chapters and now claims , supporters.

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NCBI Bookshelf. Cook CCH. Oxon UK : Routledge;

I have a clientel, which is pretty large and extends over a number of continents, and where I live we are practically surrounded by Catholics; but during the last thirty years I have not had more than about six practicing Catholics among my patients. The vast majority are Protestants and Jews. Know you, then, that there be three kinds of worlds comprehended in a single name: the one standeth for the heavens and the earth, with water, air and fire, and all the things that are inferior to man. Now this world, again, also loveth God; because by nature they long after God, for as much as according to nature everyone longeth after God, even though they err in seeking Him. And know ye wherefore all long after God?

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