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Clause Worksheets

NOTE: Only your test content will print. To preview this test, click on the File menu and select Print Preview. Click here to print this test! Click here to save or print this test as a PDF! Print Test Only the test content will print. Name: Date: Dependent and Independent Clauses 1. An independent clause expresses a complete thought and can stand by itself as a complete sentence. A simple sentence is a single.

A dependent clause that begins a sentence must be followed by a. A dependent clause has a subject and a verb but does not. Which of the following is a dependent clause? If the weather is still nice That's the most spectacular view of all You'll want to take pictures You will reach the city of Asheville later.

Amelia Earhart attempted to fly around the world in This statement is an example of a n : independent clause dependent clause. Although Bill was sick, he still went to work. Although he was still sick was sick Although Bill was sick. Until you eat your supper There will be no dessert for you Until you eat No dessert for you. If I let a few days go by, I can usually calm myself down. You need to be a HelpTeaching.

The Roadrunner's Guide to English: Identifying Dependent and Independent Clauses

Delete Quiz. Examples: Since the cat is meowing, the dog is barking. Clauses are the basic building blocks of sentences in the English language. Independent and Dependent Clauses 1. Dependent clauses are used to spice up our language, but they do not have the ability to stand on their own. Played times. View Quizlet Dependent and Independent Clauses.

The practice exercises on this page were developed by Dr. An independent clause, also known as a simple sentence, includes a subject and verb and expresses a complete thought. Example: Juliet, a border collie puppy, prefers to chase apples and pears. A dependent clause has a subject and verb, is introduced by a subordinate conjunction or a relative pronoun, but does not express a complete thought. A dependent clause is not a complete sentence. Example: Because the heavy rains flooded the entrance to the subdivision. Determine whether the underlined word groups are dependent clauses, independent clauses, or not a clause.

A dependent clause is combined with an independent clause to make a longer sentence. Examples: When Ronnie gets here, let's start the music. If Denise comes.

Clauses Worksheets

By kanagawa A variety of sentences in which the students have to add the relative pronoun. Underline the subordinate clause in the following sentences. Independent and Subordinate Clauses Worksheet. Lucy enjoyed playing football, especially when James asked her to take part.

Writing Your Own Clauses There are a series of sentences that you need to read and breakdown to help make sense of. They can be of two types: independent and dependent. Dependent Clause Worksheet Dependent clauses must be joined to a main clause so as not to create a sentence fragment because it is a thought that fails to stand by itself. Dependent clauses must be joined to a main clause so as not to create a sentence fragment because it is a thought that fails to stand by itself. Underline the complete thought in each sentence.

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Dependent and Independent Clauses (Grade 7)

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