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The emerging economic environment involves rapid technological changes, response in terms of change in methods, trade and services, globalisation of economy, liberalisation of trade and industry, emphasis on international competitiveness and bringing the existing laws in tune with the future market needs. The Government has also initiated legislative reforms in the area of economic and commercial laws.

Understanding of the economic and commercial legislations that have a direct impact on the functioning of the companies. Constantly updating themselves with the economic and commercial laws that undergo constant changes. Practical use of the concepts of Economic and Commercial Laws in the real-life scenarios. Name of Topics: Foreign exchange management Foreign trade policy and procedures Competition and consumer protection Intellectual property rights Law relating to arbitration and conciliation Laws relating to transfer of property Laws relating to stamps Laws relating to contract Prevention of the money laundering Laws relating to the essential commodities, measures and weights Laws relating to societies Laws relating to trusts Industrial developments and regulations Laws relating to environment protection and pollution control Laws relating to the document registration.

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Download Other files in Students category. India's largest network for finance professionals. Home Share Files Students. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share on LinkedIn. Share on Email. Share More. Description: Containing 3 chapters of part b in simple language pdf. Downloaded: times. File size: KB. Rating: Rating: 2. Share Report. Law relating to registration of documents 2. Law relating to socities registration 3. Following are the purpose or objective of registration of documents. To give notice to the world that such a document has been registered and to serve as a source of information regarding the execution of the document and its existence; 2.

To prevent fraud and forgery with the purpose of providing good evidence of the genuineness of the written document ; and 3. To secure the interest of the person dealing with any immovable property where such dealing requires registration.

Transfer of any non- testamentary instrument of value exceeding rupees must be registered. Any consideration for transfer of non-testamentary instrument of value exceeding rupees must be registered. Any court order, decree ,judgement regarding any immovable property of value exceeding rupees must be registered.

In case of lease if lease period is more than 1 year , then it must be registered. If any immovable property is less than rupees then it is optional to be registered. Transfer of any non-testamentary instrument of value less than rupees then it is optional to be registered.

Any consideration for transfer of non-testamentary instrument is if less than rupees then it is also optional for registration. Any court order , decree , judgement regarding any immovable property of value less than , then it is also optional for registration. In case of lease if lease — period is less than 1 year , then it is also optional for registration. There is no need of registration of will.

There is no time-limit for registration of will. A document executed outside India and which requires compulsory registration , is not valid unless it is registered.

Some person executing or claiming under the document. The representative or assign of such person. The agent of the aforesaid person , duly authorised by special power of attorney.

It is immaterial whether the registration is compulsory or optional; but if it is presented for registration by a person other than a party not mentioned in section 32, such presentation is wholly inoperative and the registration of such a document is void.

He can ,however ,do so within 4 months from his first becoming aware of such document is invalid. When such a document is presented for re-registration , the Registrar shall register the same as if it has not been previously registered. Of the two registered documents ,executed by same persons in respect of the same property to two different persons at two different times, the one which is executed first gets priority over the other , although the former deed is registered subsequently to the later one.

A non-testamentary registered document, relating to property, takes effect against any oral agreement relating to such property. However, when the oral agreement is accompanied by delivery of possession, then the oral agreement will prevail the registered document. Further it cannot confer any power to adopt. An unregistered document cannot be received as evidence of any transaction effecting such property or conferring such power.

However such a document may be received as evidence of : 1. A contract in a suit for specific performance ; or 2. It may be noted that under-valuation of stamp duty is not a valid ground for refusing the registration of a document. In such a case , the Sub-Registrar can guide the person to affix proper stamps before he can register the documents presented.

If the sub-registrar is doubtful as to the proper value of stamps affixed, he can refer the case to the Collector of Stamps to be adjudicated. However, the appeal shall not lie where the refusal is made on the ground of denial of execution of a document. The appeal can be presented to the Registrar within 30 days from the date of the order of Sub-Registrar.

If the registrar directs the documents to be registered and the document is duly presented for registration within 30 days after the making of such order, the Sub-Registrar shall register the same.

Where such an appeal is made to the Registrar, then he shall enquire to find out whether the document has been really executed or not. If the registrar finds that the document has been executed, he shall order the document to be registered. If the document is duly presented for registration within 30 days after the making of such order, the Sub-Registrar shall register the same. Such registration shall take effect as if the document has been registered when it was first duly presented for registration.

Book 1- The register related to non-testamentary instrument. Book 2- To maintain the reasons for non-registration. Book 3- To maintain register related to testamentary instrument or will. Book 4- To maintain miscellaneous registers. Book 5- To maintain registers related to deposits. NOTE — 1. If the sub-registrar refuses the registration of documents then-book 2 2.

The appellate party must be file suite against the sub-registrar under registrar within 30 days from the date of decision given by sub-registrar. Delay in registration of a gift does not postpone its operation, section of the Transfer Of Property Act merely requires that donor should have sighed the deed of gift.

Hence a gift deed can be registered even if the donor does not agree to its registration. It is a non-profit organization. It is a legal entity having perpetual succession but not a body corporate.

It has capacity to sue and be sued. Registration of society is mandatory. It is created for own benefit of society not for any third party. A foreigner is also allowed as a society member.

There is an election held in society for the governing body. There should be minimum 7 persons to create a society. There is not any limit regarding to the maximum members in a society. They can do so by subscribing their names to the Memorandum of association and filling the same with the registrar of joint stock companies The memorandum of association shall state the following ; A The name of the society.

B The object of the society. C The name ,address ,occupation of the Governors ,council ,Directors and other governing bodies , to whom the management of the affairs of society is entrusted. Along with the memorandum, the following documents are required to be filed with the registrar: a A copy of rules and regulations of the society correct by not less than 3 members of the governing body; and b The prescribed fee When the registrar is satisfied that the society has compiled with the statutory requirements as to registration , he issues an acknowledgement in the form of a certificate of registration.

Members elected or nominated as per the rules and regulations of societies. The term is 3 years and member can enjoy his term to 2 times. However , the term , retirement , expulsion are governed by rules and regulation. In abovementioned cases , he may be sued for arrears or for the damages , but he can recover the cost if he is successful in any suit or proceeding against him.

Members guilty of offences are punishable as strangers under section 11 of the societies registration act. If he steals , embezzles any money or other property of the society. If he forges any deed, document, etc. Because of which society suffers some loss. If he wilfully and maliciously destroys the property of the society. Whenever the object of society is fulfilled.

If the purpose of society becomes invalid , irrelevant ,inoperative. It can sue and can be sued in the name of chairman , president or principal secretary of societies. The proceedings will continue in the name of the successor of such person. NOTE- 1. Any arrear of subscription amount for a period of exceeding 3 months then shall not be counted as a member of the society and does not having right to vote. The person who reposes or declares the confidence is called the author of trust or settler.

The person who accepts the confidence is called the trustee. The person for whose benefit the confidence is accepted is called the beneficiary. The subject-matter of trust is called the trust-property or the trust-money. The object of trust should be legal. There may be a instrument of trust i. There may be terms and condition written in trust deed NOTE 1.


Save extra with 2 Offers. It contains within it, ambit topics that every CS gets to use somewhere or the other on becoming a professional. The Scanner was, and remains a valuable tool in the repertoire of every CS student, helping in gaining a better understanding of the subjects at hand. We are happy to be given the opportunity of preparing a solved version of the Scanner for this subject. The book has been made for the purpose of supplying a basis for answering questions of the type normally asked in the question papers. Moreover, it seeks to provide a direction to the way of answering the questions. With the way the question papers are evolving and changing, it helps to have a firm foundation in all the subjects.

understanding of certain Economic, Business and Commercial legislations which have direct bearing on the functioning of and Commercial Laws paper of the CS Executive Programme. Bank exempt from stamp duty on bank notes

CS Executive Old Syllabus Module 1 – Economic and Commercial Laws (ECL)

The excellent download file is in the format of pdf. Students taking CS Executive exams or students preparing for Economic and Commercial Laws will find the file very useful. Providing review after you have downloaded the file is highly recommended.

Download Now! Account Notes. A Company Secretary can act as the chief legal advisor to.

Students can download the Notes and Print it easily. The main advantage of the study material is to provide help to the students to get knowledge and skills in the particular subject.

Windows 7 home premium service pack 1 or above, windows 8, 8. Cs executive question papers from december to june Free cs executive pass notes download best important icsi study notes and books.

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How to Prepare CS Executive Economic and Commercial Laws

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