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Medical Students Professional Values And Fitness To Practise Pdf

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The GMC ensures high standards of medical practice and will provide a helpful source of professional guidance throughout your medical career. In this card we give a brief account of the functions of the GMC and its role in medical education.

Osteopathic practice standards

This guide is split into two parts: the first provides guidance for veterinary schools on recognising and addressing fitness to practise concerns. Part two sets out the broad principles of fitness to practise that students should follow and which veterinary schools should expect and uphold. Your download should start automatically. If not download directly.

Capability means having the abilities, knowledge and skills necessary for professional practise. Our framework for WPBA is made up of 13 capabilities:. It is best practice for each capability to be assessed at different times using different tools and ideally with multiple assessors. In ST3 the trainee is being assessed at the level of a General Practitioner. In ST1 and ST2 the trainee is being assessed at he level of their peers when these are done in hospital posts.

The University expects the highest standards of behaviour from students on courses leading to a professionally recognised qualification. Fitness to Practise regulations ensure that students meet professional standards of conduct for awards that lead to a professionally recognised qualification, for example Medicine, Initial Teacher Training and Dentistry. When you register for a programme of study subject to Fitness to Practise regulations, you will have to sign and abide by a programme-specific Code of Professional Conduct. Each programme subject to Fitness to Practise has a code of conduct which is specific to the profession involved. If you need a copy of your Code of Conduct, you will need to contact your School or Department.

WPBA capabilities with IPUs

Here we look at some of the characteristics commonly associated with a professional person; as a doctor, these are perhaps the minimum expectations patients have of you. Ultimately these characteristics together create the foundation stone of the doctor—patient relationship: trust. A professional person is expected to have a particular set of skills in their chosen field, at a level that can be considered expert. This will have been acquired through learning, knowledge, training and practice of the relevant skills and, in most cases, this can be demonstrated by qualifications or accreditation of some kind. The validity of this expertise is maintained by ongoing training throughout the course of a medical career. A professional person is expected to have the ability and dedication to achieving a set of standards in their duties that their peers find acceptable.

Medical students and the GMC

This site makes use of cookies. If you continue we'll assume you are happy to receive them. However, if you prefer, you can change your cookie settings at any time. All osteopaths are provided with a printed copy of the Osteopathic Practice Standards on registration.

The Faculty operates a student referral process, to provide a constructive framework to support students to develop their professionalism. We aim to address any professional behaviour concerns early, offering an opportunity for students to reflect and be supported to develop the necessary professional and academic skills. The Faculty works with a wide range of University services to provide support to students where appropriate. The majority of referrals made about students do not result in fitness to practice implications, or the need to report information to professional bodies.

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