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Healthy teeth and gums make it easy for you to eat well and enjoy good food. Several problems can affect the health of your mouth, but good care should keep your teeth and gums strong as you age. Teeth are covered in a hard, outer coating called enamel.

This home oral care guide, developed by the ADA, is a summary of the recommendations below, and can be used to help facilitate discussions with your patients about their home oral health care habits. Home Oral Care Guide. Systematic reviews found that mouthrinses containing an antimicrobial effective amount of a fixed combination of four essential oils eucalyptol, menthol, methyl salicylate, and thymol or cetylpyridinium chloride, and toothpastes containing Triclosan or stannous fluoride, were associated with decreased risk of gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Oral Health and Quality of Life: Current Concepts

The recognition of health related quality of life began ever since WHO expanded the definition of health in This has resulted in the paradigm shift of health and disease from a medical model to a biopsychosocial model. Oral health too denotes not merely the absence of disease but the general well being so that the person can perform functions like eating, talking and smiling and also can contribute creatively to the society. Health related quality of life is a trade-off between how long and how well people live. To explain the concept various theoretical models have been proposed, of which the conceptual model of Wilson and Cleary is a comprehensive one. Even after much research and thousands of publications the definition of oral health related quality of life is still vague. It is widely shown that oral conditions can have varied impacts on daily living.

Vital guide to Oral health education

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Healthy habits can equal a healthy mouth. Here are some oral health tips to get you started:. Do you have questions about a specific oral health issue? Call your Aspen Dental practice to set up an appointment. If you have questions about any of these dental issues, you can always talk with your dentist or dental hygienist at your Aspen Dental practice about it. Causes of halitosis, or bad breath, include infrequent brushing and flossing, gum disease, dry mouth, smoking, and diet. You can combat chronic halitosis by using a tongue scraper, chewing sugarless gum, gargling with mouthwash, and drinking plenty of water.

STARBRITE DENTAL HYGIENE SERIES. The hygienist also takes care to cover the following procedures as well: • Oral cancer screening. • Gum tissue.

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It's important to take care of your mouth and teeth starting in childhood. If you don't, you could have problems with your teeth and gums - like cavities or even tooth loss. Dental Health Also called: Oral health.

Oral hygiene is the practice of keeping one's mouth clean and free of disease and other problems e. It is important that oral hygiene be carried out on a regular basis to enable prevention of dental disease and bad breath. The most common types of dental disease are tooth decay cavities , dental caries and gum diseases, including gingivitis , and periodontitis. General guidelines suggest brushing twice a day: after breakfast and before going to bed, but ideally the mouth would be cleaned after every meal.

Oral Hygiene Care

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International Journal of Oral and Dental Health is an open access journal that highlights the advances in oral health in detail. It publishes the researches, reviews, cases, commentaries, short communication in all the fields of dentistry and oral health. International Journal of Oral and Dental Health is a reliable source of information for the researcher and practitioners in the field of dentistry. Two independent review comments followed by editor's decision will be considered to publish the article. IJODH is a permanent archive of oral and dental Health information which under open access category provides its global readers with free access to its content, thus serving the scientific community.

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Everything You Need to Know About Dental and Oral Health

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Home Oral Care

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