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Updated on Jan 05, - PM. Every economic entity must present its financial information to all its stakeholders. The information provided in the financials must be accurate and present a true picture of the entity.

For this presentation, it must account for all its transactions. Since economic entities are compared to understand their financial statuses, there has to be uniformity in accounting. To bring about uniformity and to account for the transactions correctly there are three Golden Rules of Accounting. These rules form the very basis of passing journal entries which in turn form the basis of accounting and bookkeeping. To understand the Golden Rules of Accounting we must first understand the types of accounts.

The account classification applies to all the types of general ledgers. In other words, every account will fall in one of the broad classifications given below. A Real Account is a general ledger account relating to Assets and Liabilities other than people accounts. These are accounts that don't close at year-end and are carried forward.

An example of a Real Account is a Bank Account. A Personal account is a General ledger account connected to all persons like individuals, firms and associations. An example of a Personal Account is a Creditor Account. A Nominal account is a General ledger account pertaining to all income, expenses, losses and gains.

An example of a Nominal Account is an Interest Account. For each account there is a set of Golden Rules and hence there are three Golden Rules of Accounting.

The Golden rules define the treatment of all transactions conducted by the business. An entity named Orange Ltd. Now applying the golden rules to each of the transactions we will get the following journal entries :. Both Bank and Cash are real accounts and so the Golden rule is:. Applying Golden Rule for Nominal account and Personal account:.

The sale account is a Nominal account and the Debtors Account is a Personal account. All transactions of an entity must be accounted for. To account these transactions the entity must pass journal entries which will then summarise into ledgers. The journal entries are passed on the basis of the Golden Rules of accounting. To apply these rules one must first ascertain the type of account and then apply these rules. These lay the foundation of accounting and hence are called the Golden Rules of accounting.

They are like the letters of the English alphabet. If one does not know the letters he cannot put words and hence, will not be able to use the language. Similarly for accounting, if one does not know the golden rules, he cannot pass journal entries and hence won't be able to accurately account for the transactions.

Products IT. About us Help Center. Log In Sign Up. Explore Now. Types of accounts Golden rules of accounting Conclusion. Bank Account Cash Account. Purchase Account Apple Ltd. Sales Account Melon Ltd. Rent Account Bank Account. Nominal Account Real Account - Asset account. Interest received Bank Account.

Classification of Accounts, Personal, Real & Nominal Accounts

Nominal Accounts are accounts related and associated with losses, expenses, income, or gains. The outcome of a nominal account is either profit or loss, which is then ultimately transferred to the capital account. Consider a temporary account like a sales account that is opened for recording the sale of goods and services during the year. At the end of the financial year, the total sales are transferred to the revenue statement account. Similarly, expenses are recorded in the expense account and which again at the end of the year are transferred to the revenue statement account.

According to the double entry system of bookkeeping, there are three types of accounts that help you to maintain an error-free record of your journal entries. Each account type has a rule to identify its debit and credit aspect called as the Golden Rule of Accounting. The accounts are:. Ledger accounts that contain transactions related to individuals or other organizations with whom your business has direct transactions are known as personal accounts. Some examples of personal accounts are customers, vendors, salary accounts of employees, drawings and capital accounts of owners, etc. The golden rule for personal accounts is: debit the receiver and credit the giver.

3 Different types of accounts in accounting are Personal, Real & Nominal Account. In this article, we will see the 3 golden rules of accounting of real, personal.

3 Golden Rules of Accounting, Explained with Best Examples

Previous Lesson: Accounting Cycle. Next Lesson: Journal Entry. Golden Rules of Accounting are used to record economic activity in books of accounts. These rules are formulated on the basis of three basic accounts, personal, real and nominal account.

An accountant records a transaction in his book of accounts, first he must understand which transaction should be debited and which should be credited. To perform such accounting transactions, a clear idea of types of accounts and classification of accounts is very important.

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In the initial stages of learning accounting, we assume real accounts to be those representing tangible elements. This is because all the elements that we deal with at this stage have that characteristic. There are many other ways the terms Real accounts and the term asset can be interpreted and understood. For now, please, stick to the simple understanding that assets are tangible aspects and are thus identified as real accounts. We do not come across such accounts till a later stage of our learning.

Golden rules of accounting represent the basic rules that govern the recording of day to day financial transactions of a business. Also known as traditional accounting rules, golden rules of bookkeeping , or the rules of credit and debit, these accounting rules play an essential role in the accounting realm. They form the basis for recording entries in a Journal Book without which the whole accounting would become an erratic mess. To understand how the golden rules of accounting work, we need to know the types of accounts first. This is because these rules apply to transactions based on a particular account type. According to the golden rules of accounting , there are three kinds of accounts: Personal, Real, and Nominal. These are the accounts that belong to individuals.

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Types of Accounts

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