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Norm Referenced And Criterion Referenced Measurement Pdf

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Norm-Referenced and Criterion-Referenced Test in EFL Classroom

Patricia C. Montgomery, Barbara H. The purposes of this article are 1 to compare the similarities and differences between norm-referenced and criterion-referenced tests and 2 to summarize how each should be used in the assessment of developmental performance in children. Specific developmental assessments, the populations they address, and the information they provide are described briefly. The need for additional criterion-referenced tests in physical therapy is discussed, and an example of how task analysis can be applied to movement or motor skills in the development of a criterion-referenced test is provided. Physical therapists can enhance the credibility of their assessments by appropriate use of norm-referenced and criterion-referenced tests.

One of the major changes in the testing field over the last 20 years has been the increased interest in and use of criterion-referenced tests CRT. Criterion-referenced tests provide a basis for assessing the performance of examinees in relation to well-defined domains of content rather than in relation to other examinees, as with norm-referenced tests. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content.

Criterion-Referenced Testing and Measurement: A Review of Technical Issues and Developments

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The field of criterion-referenced testing has developed quickly since the first papers on the topic by Glaser and Popham and Husek Glaser, and later, Popham and Husek, were interested in assessment methods that could provide information on which to base a number of individual and programmatic decisions arising in connection with specific instructional objectives or competencies. Norm-referenced tests were judged to be inappropriate because they provide information that facilitates comparisons among examinees on broad traits or constructs. These tests were not intended to measure specific objectives. And even if items in a norm-referenced test could be matched to objectives, typically there would be too few test items per objective to permit valid criterion-referenced test score interpretations. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

Norm-referenced tests (NRT) help compare the performance of one student with the performances of a large group of students, while criterion-referenced tests.

Norm-Referenced Test

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Download this information in PDF format. A primary goal of testing is to collect information to use in making decisions. Depending on the kinds of decisions that need to be made, different types of information may be needed. This difference in the type of decision to be made forms the basis for two major types of tests - criterion-referenced tests CRTs and norm-referenced tests NRTs. In criterion-referenced testing, the goal is usually to make a decision about whether or not an examinee can demonstrate mastery in an area of content and competencies.

A criterion-referenced test is a style of test which uses test scores to generate a statement about the behavior that can be expected of a person with that score. Most tests and quizzes that are written by school teachers can be considered criterion-referenced tests. In this case, the objective is simply to see whether the student has learned the material.

Criterion-referenced tests and assessments are designed to measure student performance against a fixed set of predetermined criteria or learning standards —i. In elementary and secondary education, criterion-referenced tests are used to evaluate whether students have learned a specific body of knowledge or acquired a specific skill set. For example, the curriculum taught in a course, academic program, or content area.

Source: Huitt, W.

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    In this case, the objective is simply to see whether the student has learned the material.

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