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This chapter discusses waters of the United States U. Included in this chapter are laws and regulations, identification of regulatory and management agencies, the agency coordination process, assessment and reporting requirements, effects assessments, as well as information needed for project delivery pertaining to the Waters of the U. The term "waters" used in the following chapter includes those areas under jurisdiction of the U.

Pesticides Registration Manual Home Page. You may need a PDF reader to view some of the files on this page. This chapter includes information on how to submit data as well as special considerations concerning what data and information can be considered to be confidential business information. The procedures for asserting confidentiality claims for safety and efficacy information are described in 40 CFR Safety and efficacy data such as studies submitted to the Agency on registered or previously registered pesticides are not considered CBI and must be made available to the public.

Pesticide Registration Manual: Chapter 15 - Submitting Data and Confidential Business Information

Federal government websites often end in. The site is secure. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Secretary of Labor Secretary has coordination and oversight responsibilities, including the authority to investigate labor standards compliance as warranted. Pursuant to the authority under the Reorganization Plan No. AAM No. The act requires all contractors and subcontractors to pay the various classes of laborers and mechanics employed on the site of the work on the contract the wage rates and fringe benefits determined by the Secretary to be prevailing for corresponding classes of employees engaged on similar projects in the locality.

An applicable wage determination must also be included in the contract documents. These are federal statutes which authorize federal assistance in the form of contributions, grants, loans, insurance, or guarantees for programs such as the construction of hospitals, housing complexes, sewage treatment plants, highways, and airports. Included in the language of these statutes are references to the DBA labor standards provisions and the requirement that laborers and mechanics be paid prevailing wage rates.

Since Congress is continually enacting and amending legislation, the list of the DBRAs in the regulations may not be completely up to date.

Consequently, it may be necessary to consult the regional office for verification of DBRA coverage. This act also extends to federally-assisted contracts subject to DBRA wage standards to which the federal government is not a direct party, except where the federal assistance is only in the nature of a loan guarantee or insurance. It also provides for liquidated damages for each calendar day with respect to each employee employed in violation on which an employee was required or permitted to work overtime hours without the payment of overtime wages required by CWHSSA.

Deductions permissible without application for approval by the Secretary are explained in 29 CFR 3. Note: in 29 CFR 3. This provision applies even where the contract is not covered by a labor standards statute. In order to protect their rights under this act, employees of prime contractors or first-tier subcontractors must give written notice by registered mail to the prime contractor of failure to receive proper wages within 90 days of the date of performance of the last labor by the underpaid worker.

Employees of lower tier sub-subcontractors are not protected by the act. District Court for any district in which the contract was to be performed and executed.

Although the Miller Act does not apply to federally-assisted projects i. However, if a statute authorizes assistance but does not include either directly or by reference a DBA labor standards clause, the DBRA does not apply.

The scope of each of the related acts is determined by the terms of the particular statute under which the federal assistance is provided. It prevents the commencement of any court suit for unpaid straight-time wages more than 2 years after performance of the work 3 years in the case of willful violations , where such actions are judicially determined to be permissible under the law.

Such funds may be withheld from the contractor without regard to the statute of limitations in the Portal-to-Portal Act and may be transferred to the comptroller general and paid to the underpaid employee without regard to such time limit. The various state statutes of limitations would apply to such projects in private actions where they are judicially determined to be permissible under the law.

The related acts which provide for federal construction assistance contain no reference to site of the work. However, 29 CFR 5. Certain U. Housing Act of or the Housing Act of It should be noted that the overtime requirements of CWHSSA apply to all laborers and mechanics performing contract work, regardless of the site of their employment. For example:. If a small office building is being erected, the site of work will normally include no more than the building itself and its grounds.

In the case of larger contracts, such as for airports, highways, or dams, the site of the work is necessarily more extensive and may include the whole area in which the construction activity will take place. Where a very large segment of the dam is constructed up-river and floated downstream to be affixed onto a support structure, the secondary construction site would be within the meaning of site of the work for DBA purposes if it was established for and dedicated to the dam construction project.

Contracting agencies should consult the WHD when confronted with site of work issues. In essence, this is a do-it-yourself type of construction — the governmental agency receiving the grant decides not to contract out the work but actually performs it in-house with its own employees. Housing Act of and the Housing Act of DBA also applies to a lease option or to a term lease agreement where there is substantial and segregable construction activity, and where the structure is a public building or public work.

This may be true, for example, where the building is built at the request of the government pursuant to government specifications for government use or purpose for the period of the lease. Under the terms of that act, Postal Service lease agreements for rent of net interior space in excess of 6, square feet are required to include DBA labor standards for any construction, modification, alteration, repair, painting, decoration, or other improvement of the facility covered by the agreement.

The DBA applies to Post exchange contracts for construction, alteration or repair of buildings regardless of whether such contracts are paid for with appropriated or nonappropriated funds. However, if the railroad contracts out such construction work, laborers and mechanics employed by contractors or subcontractors are covered. On the other hand, transportation of materials from an exclusive borrow pit to fulfill the specific needs of a construction contract would not normally be within the common carrier exception since such transportation is not normally carried out over a regularly scheduled route in accordance with published tariff rates and pursuant to a bill of lading.

In essence, repair or replacement necessitated by normal wear and tear over time is to be considered operational and outside the coverage of DBRA, provided that the work is not so substantial as to constitute reconstruction. Thus, conversion of equipment or premises and replacement or alteration of property which results in betterment and involves significant construction activity is subject to DBRA.

However, in some cases, the particular DBRA statute funding the project may specifically provide for a waiver or an exemption by the administering agency from the provisions of the DBA. The ARRA appropriated substantial funding for construction, alteration, and repair of federal buildings and for infrastructure projects. Federal agencies directly contracting for construction work are required by existing DBA requirements to ensure that bid solicitations and resulting contracts contain DBA labor standards and wage determinations.

Federal agencies must ensure that recipients of assistance under ARRA require contractors and subcontractors to pay laborers and mechanics on federally-assisted construction projects at least the prevailing wages as determined under the DBA. Two provisions of ARRA exempt certain tribal contracts from section Of course, even though ARRA does not apply the DBA to those projects, if the projects receive funding under another related act that requires DBA prevailing wage requirements, those requirements would continue to apply.

It also highlighted the responsibilities of state and local governmental entities, contractors, and others for implementation of, and compliance with, the DBA labor standards in connection with projects financed with the proceeds of the tax-favored bonds.

Any qualified school construction bond, as defined in section 54F of the Internal Revenue Code of Any recovery zone economic development bond, as defined in section U—2 of the Internal Revenue Code of An entity usually a state or local government agency with contracting responsibility for a project financed with the proceeds of one of the five tax-favored bonds must cause or require the contracting officer for the project, at least as soon as the entity receives notice of ARRA assistance with respect to the project, to insert in full the standard DBA contract clauses found in 29 CFR 5.

The requirement to insert the standard DBA contract clauses and attach the applicable wage determination in effect at the time of notice of ARRA assistance applies regardless of the amount or form of ARRA funding or assistance. Thus, coverage under section of Division B of ARRA can exist even if a project is financed only in part by proceeds of one of the bonds listed in section If bond proceeds are pooled in a general fund or otherwise, then every project financed in whole or in part by the pooled proceeds is subject to DBA requirements provided that other applicable coverage criteria are satisfied.

These agencies then contract with local agencies, usually Community Action Agencies, to deliver weatherization services to eligible residents. Individuals and families apply for assistance through the local agencies. If approved for services, professionally trained weatherization assistance program technicians perform on-site audits to identify cost-effective measures that can be taken.

Crews then make the repairs and improvements to increase energy efficiency. The technicians conducting the audits are typically employees of the governmental or community action agency.

The repair crews typically work for contractors. However, laborers or mechanics employed by a private, non-profit Community Action Agency cannot be considered as force account labor and will be covered under the DBA labor standards requirements when performing ARRA-assisted weatherization work. In addition, when the Community Action Agency contracts out work that is assisted with ARRA funding, the agency must apply the DBA labor standards and appropriate wage determination to the contract.

Therefore, repair crews performing the duties of laborers or mechanics for a Community Action Agency or its contractors must be paid at least the DBA prevailing wage.

Certain activities such as energy audits and inspections are not viewed as construction work performed by laborers or mechanics within the meaning of the DBA. These grants are funded in whole or in part by ARRA. This general interpretation addresses only whether DBA labor standards apply to individual homeowners who receive a rebate, funded in whole or in part by ARRA, to reimburse them pursuant to DOE programs for certain energy efficiency and weatherization improvements to their homes.

DBRA applies to carpet laying and the installation of draperies when it is performed as an integral part of or in conjunction with new construction, alteration, or reconstruction. Cleaning work is covered by the DBRA in situations where the cleaning is performed as a condition precedent to the acceptance of a building as satisfactorily completed. For example, this would include activities such as window scraping and washing, removal of excess paint, and sweeping.

Where cleaning is carried out after the construction contractor and subcontractors have finished their work, left the site, and the contracting agency has accepted the project as completed, such work would not be considered a part of the construction and would not be covered under DBRA. However, SCA may apply in the latter situation if there is a direct contract with the federal government.

For example, the demolition of a building because such structure is no longer needed would not in itself be a covered construction activity. DBA labor standards also apply to federally-assisted contracts where the statute authorizing the funding requires payment of prevailing wage rates in accordance with the DBRA.

An example of such a contract is a U. Drilling, like excavating generally, is usually considered construction activity. The products sought by the digging are the cores of the earth and not the holes themselves. Soil boring contracts are considered covered by the DBRA if they are directly related and incidental to, or an integral part of, the actual construction process.

This is to be distinguished from the situation where such contracts are for the formulation of engineering plans and specifications, designs, and the conduct of site investigations. The latter activities are regarded as preliminary work, and not as a part of the construction process. A contract which calls for the plugging of oil or gas wells and the removal of above-ground equipment in connection with the construction of a reservoir on land containing such wells would be covered by the DBRA no matter whether the work is characterized as demolition i.

Landscaping performed in conjunction with new construction or renovation work subject to DBRA is covered. In addition, elaborate landscaping activities standing alone such as substantial earth moving and rearrangement of the terrain e.

Under this initiative, in most instances, a private developer leases the land for a long term and then is responsible for constructing or renovating existing housing developments using military rental referrals to fund and maintain the newly renovated and privatized developments. Federal contracts for painting of government owned, privately occupied houses, apartments, commercial properties, etc.

The same conclusion would apply where the utility company may contract out such work for extending its utility system. However, where the utility company agrees to undertake a portion of the construction of a covered project such work would be subject to the DBRA labor standards requirements of the construction contract.

On the other hand, if the contract is only for inspection, DBRA would not apply. However, SCA would apply in the latter situation if the government was a direct party to the contract. In conducting the area practice survey, evidence should be gathered concerning specific projects where repair work was actually performed. Wage determinations for shipbuilding under the DBA are issued only if the location of contract performance is known when bids are solicited.

However, a government contract which calls for the construction, alteration, furnishing, or equipping of a naval vessel i. Navy and U.

A government contract requiring steam and sand blast cleaning and water proofing is covered by the DBA.

Such cleaning operations performed on public buildings are authorized for the purpose of renewing the original appearance of these buildings and are performed for the same purpose as painting and decorating which are covered by the DBA.

Chemistry Chapter 15 & 16 in Pearson (Water/Aqueous Systems and Solutions)

Federal government websites often end in. The site is secure. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Secretary of Labor Secretary has coordination and oversight responsibilities, including the authority to investigate labor standards compliance as warranted. Pursuant to the authority under the Reorganization Plan No. AAM No. The act requires all contractors and subcontractors to pay the various classes of laborers and mechanics employed on the site of the work on the contract the wage rates and fringe benefits determined by the Secretary to be prevailing for corresponding classes of employees engaged on similar projects in the locality.

List three ways to speed up the rate of decomposition. For each one, briefly explain why it is effective, based on collision theory. Chapter 22 Section One Modern Chemistry Review Answers file : example of journal article review apa new syllabus mathematics 6th edition 1 oxford rug iv rapid guide answers american history guided activity 6 3 used cars under consumer guide pearson education campbell biology active guide. In what way does the photoelectric effect support the particle theory of light? What is the difference between the ground state and the excited state of an atom?

In moist sand the grains are each surrounded by an envelope of water, and the water envelopes overlap. The attractive surface tension of the water holds the grains together. In a the material moves like a fluid individual particles move independently. In a the mass moves as an intact unit, with little or no relative motion between grains or clasts. If a large rock slide starts moving at a rate of several metres per second, the rock is very likely to break into smaller pieces. If the pieces are small and numerous enough that the material can flow, then it becomes a rock avalanche. A debris flow is composed mostly of sand-sized and larger clasts, while a mudflow is composed mostly of sand-sized and smaller clasts.

Land Disposal Program

SWDA Sections , , 42 USC Sections , ; Approved state's authority -- The permitting authority in an "approved state" may approve engineered alternatives to certain prescriptive standards contained in the federal MSW regulations, provided that the alternative meets specified conditions and performance standards 40 CFR Nevertheless, the USEPA has identified several areas of Land Disposal which are not adequate to ensure compliance with certain provisions of the federal MSW regulations, as summarized in Attachment I ; Rulemaking to amend Chapter 15 -- There is insufficient time, prior to October 9, , for the State Water Board to amend Chapter 15 to ensure complete consistency with the federal MSW regulations and subsequently for the USEPA to carry out a review of the revised chapter and to render a decision approving California's permit program; Composite liner s needed -- Solid Waste Assessment Test Reports, submitted to Regional Water Boards pursuant to WC Section , have shown that releases of leachate and gas from MSW landfills that are unlined are likely to degrade the quality of underlying ground water. The undersigned, Administrative Assistant to the Board, does hereby certify that the foregoing is a full, true, and correct copy of a resolution duly and regularly adopted at a meeting of the State Water Resources Control Board held on June 17,

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