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Show all documents Severe vibration occurs in the machining environment due to a dynamic motion between the cutting tool and the work piece. In all the cutting operations like turning, boring and milling, vibrations are induced due to the deformation of the work piece, machine structure and cutting tool. In a machining operation, forced vibration and self-excited vibration are identified as machining vibrations.

Forced vibration is a result of certain periodical forces that exist within the machine, bad gear such as drives, misalignment, and unbalanced machine tool components, etc.

Self- excited vibration is caused by the interaction of the chip removal process and the structure of the machine tool , which results in disturbance in the cutting zone. The self-excited vibration affects the production capacity, reliability and machining surface quality [2]. The MOTIF- method is a structure for the assessment of the key profile and established on the envelope system and is appropriate as a substitute to the mean line system.

The MOTIF-method determines the upper points of the surface profile, which have significance for the functional behavior. Roughness and waviness can be evaluated directly based on the diagram of the unfiltered profile. The key objective is to analyze the effect of cutting speed , feed and depth of cut on the mild steel to know about the roughness and waviness in turning operation using carbide tool.

Full factorial 27 tests are done to scrutinize the cutting features of mild steel bars. The specimen was turned under different levels of process parameters and values of R, Rx and Ar were analyzed. Results illustrate that the feed rate is the major factor. Moreover in order to understand the effects of machining parameters in the various machining many of the researchers used optimization techniques.

Wang et al. Oezel T and Karpat Y [2] have sentenced that the surface quality is one of the most specific requirements and is one of the main results of process parameters such as tool geometry nose radius, edge geometry and rake angle and cutting conditions feed rate, cutting speed , depth of cut , etc.

Raviraj Shetty et al. Ozel, C and Kilickap, E [4] have confirmed that the process modeling and optimization are the primary issues in the process industries. Also they revealed that surface finish has been an important factor of any machining in assessing the performance of any machining operation. The influence of the process parameters on the dimensional accuracy of the produced holes on the work material for different coated drills has been investigated by Nouari et al [5].

Feng [6] has established with the findings of the research that the feed rate, the tool nose radius, the work material and speeds and the tool point angle have a significant impact on the surface quality by applying the fractional factorial experimentation method. Tsao, C C [7] has accomplished the usage of Grey - Taguchi method to the optimization of the parameters in milling operations on the aluminium alloy and concluded that the grey-Taguchi method is suitable for solving the surface finish quality and tool flank wear problems in milling process of AP-T aluminum alloy.

The study indicated that the flank wear is influenced principally by feed rate, depth of cut and workpiece hardness whereas, feed rate and workpiece hardness are the most significant factors affecting the surface roughness.

Ozel et al. Their results indicated that the effects of workpiece hardness, cutting edge geometry, feed rate and cutting speed on surface roughness are statistically significant; besides, the effects of two-factor interactions of the edge geometry and the feed rate, and the cutting speed and the feed rate are also important.

They reported that especially, small edge radius and lower workpiece hardness increased surface roughness in their experiments. Singh and Rao [16] conducted an experimental investigation to determine the effects of cutting conditions cutting speed and feed and tool geometry effective rake angle and nose radius on the surface roughness in the finish hard turning of the bearing steel AISI Mixed ceramic inserts made up of aluminum oxide Al 2 O 3 and titanium carbon nitride TiCN coated tools were used.

The study indicated that the feed is the dominant. Analyze The Effect Of Depth Of Cut Towards Surface Roughness In Milling The obvious difference between turning and milling processes is that, in turning the main power is used to rotate an essentially cylindrical work piece with feed motions applied to the tool. But, in milling the main power rotates a cutting tool with the prismatic work piece undergoing feed motions. Milling cutting tools have many cutting edges and are more complicated than turning tools and each edge cuts only intermittently.

The cost of the tools makes it prudent to remove metal more slowly and vibrations set up by the intermittent tool contacts reinforce this.

The longer cutting times make, the non-productive time less significant noted by Thomas et al. Effect of Cutting Forces in Single Point HSS Tool while Turning Abstract: High speed steel material tools are frequently used to machine products which finds frequent applications in machining process mainly by turning operation.

Hence it is necessary to know various stress levels and possibilities of failures during machining process. A method is proposed with finite element analysis to determine vulnerable regions of the HSS tool by determining its stress contours through its geometry.

Cutting forces must be determined by strain gauge dynamometer and also feed rate ,spindle speed , depth of cut and cutting velocities are used to determined experimentally for the purpose. With various influential parameters, finite element analysis is done with the help of solid works and maximum shear stresses are calculated to determine the weak regions. The combined effects of cutting speed , feed rate and depth of cut are investigated using contour plots.

It possesses good properties like corrosion resistance, high strength, and exceptional weld-ability but it is considered as one of the most difficult alloys to cut. Recently researchers have focused on employing many machining strategies to improve machinability of Inconel This research work presents the experimentation of wet milling of Inconel using a carbide tool with biodegradable oil.

Surface quality is the major aspect of machinability. Hence input parameters such as depth of cut , cutting speed , and feed rate are considered to study their effect on surface quality.

Nine experimental runs based on an L9 orthogonal array are performed. Additionally, analysis of variance ANOVA is applied to identify the most significant factors among cutting speed , feed rate, and depth of cut. Moreover, this research work presents the Artificial Neural Network ANN model for predicting the surface roughness based on experimental results.

The ANN based-decision-making model is trained by using acquired experimental values. Visual Gene Developer 2. The presented ANN model demonstrates a very good statistical performance with a high correlation and extremely low error ratio between the actual and predicted values of surface roughness and tool wear. Effect of tool length on plain turning performance A reference chart was then developed to ease during setups. This chart, like the commonly used feed rate, spindle speed , and depth of cut charts, would serve as a reference to operators who routinely perform lathe setups to eliminate uncertainty in the setup procedure, minimize required setup time, maximize setup and operational efficiency, and reduce overall operating costs.

While there are many machining optimization parameters that have been developed and put into tables, an area that has been overlooked is that of correlation between the cutting tool length and the resultant surface roughness. Thus, the choice of optimized cutting parameters becomes very important to control the required surface quality. The productivity will be increase when the tool life was increase. And when the tool life increased the machining cost and product cost will be reduced. In the turning operation the crater wear on tool and surface roughness on work piece are depends on the cutting parameters such as cutting speed , feed rate, depth of cut and the combination of cutting tool and work material, also the coating material on the tool insert.

Hard turning is possible when the tool is coated with hard material. In my work focused on machining studies of uncoated WC tool and coated with Titanium and DLC to the effect of crater wear and surface roughness while machining with Martensitic stainless steel.

In the hard turning operation, the tool life test was done by experimentally. It is observed that minimum surface roughness is obtained at a speed of rpm, feed of 0. Vipin and raganath have done the work related to optimization of cutting parameter in turning operation. He also concluded that, Taguchi optimization method revealed that cutting Speed should be kept at the highest level, while both feed rate and depth of cut should be kept at the lowest level.

Pridhviji and Yeldose have studied an experimental investigation of cutting parameters cutting speed , feed rate and depth of cut in turning operation of Aluminium alloy was done and influence of cutting parameters on surface roughness was studied.

The machining was performed using two different tools such as carbide tool and TiN coated carbide tool. Taguchi method is used to find optimum result. Orthogonal array, signal to noise ratio and ANOVA is used to study the performance characteristic in turning operation. The result shows that better surface finish is achieve at low feed rate 0. Experimental data collected are tested with regression model and ANN technique, and a comparison study of model has been done.

Tonk and Ratol [9], the study was aimed. Hence, it improved productivity of the process. Khan et al. Results show that MQL provides environment friendly and improved machinability characteristics. Chiffre investigated the capability of the reaming process using MQL and found that the hole dimensions and surface finish were improved.

Kress noticed that the machining cost is one of the important aspects to be considered. Dhar et al. MQL environment gives better surface finish than the dry and flood cutting irrespective of cutting velocity, feed rate and length of cut. An investigation by Kumar et al. Overall performance of the cutting tool during the MQL application found superior over the dry turning and conventional wet turning based on the parameters such as cutting force, temperature and surface finish. By carefully choosing these parameters, it is possible to produce high quality components with the MQL.

Application of Regression in the Analysis of Cutting Parameters for Surface Roughness in Turning Abstract: This paper focuses on analysis of cutting parameters using regression analysis which is a set of statistical processes for estimating the relationships among variables, is used to analyse surface roughness SR.

A full factorial 27 experiment is engaged to scrutinize the cutting characteristics of mild steel bars using carbide cutting tool. The key objective is to analyze the effect of cutting speed , feed and depth of cut on SR of mild steel in turning operation using carbide tool.

From the result, it is concluded that higher cutting speed and lower feed produce better surface finish. The optimum cutting constraints were According to the non-linear regression equation, the optimum surface Roughness comes out to be 1. Many authors advocate that, the failure of the cutting tool is as a result of premature failure of the tool i.

Generally, the wear of the cutting tool depends on the tool material and tool geometry, workpiece materials, cutting parameters feed rate, cutting speed and depth of cut etc. Therefore, in order to avoid economic loses, information about the state of tool wear is essential to plan tool changes. Cutting tool wear leads to product rejects, machine down time and can also be a source to personnel problems.

In turning, tool wear becomes an additional parameter affecting surface quality of finished parts. In addition, increasing tool wear produces unsatisfactory surface finish and high power consumption.

Study and Analysis of Austenitic Stainless steel of grade AISI The main effect plot shows that the cutting force decreases continuously with increase in speed. With the increase in feed , cutting force increases up to certain value and then remains almost constant with further increase in feed. The same curve is seen in case of the variation of cutting force with depth of cut.

Aggarwal et al. Kaladhar et al.

Cutting Speed Feed and DOC

Machining parameters is a main aspect in performing turning operations using lathe machines. Cutting parameters such as cutting speed, feed rate and depth of cut gives big influence on the dynamic behavior of the machining system. In machining parts, surface quality and tool wear are the most crucial customer requirements. This is because the major indication of surface quality on machined part is the surface roughness and the value of tool wear. Hence, to improve the surface roughness and minimize the forming of tool wear, the optimum feed rate and cutting speed will be determined.

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When maximum speed of the machine spindle less than value of recommended milling conditions When maximum speed of the machine spindle less than value of recommended milling conditions, adjust conditions by calculation as follows.

Show all documents Severe vibration occurs in the machining environment due to a dynamic motion between the cutting tool and the work piece. In all the cutting operations like turning, boring and milling, vibrations are induced due to the deformation of the work piece, machine structure and cutting tool. In a machining operation, forced vibration and self-excited vibration are identified as machining vibrations.

The phrase speeds and feeds or feeds and speeds refers to two separate velocities in machine tool practice, cutting speed and feed rate. They are often considered as a pair because of their combined effect on the cutting process. Each, however, can also be considered and analyzed in its own right.

To operate any machine efficiently, the machinist must learn the importance of cutting speeds and feeds. A lot of time can be lost if the machines are not set at the proper speed and feeds for the workpiece.

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