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Polarity, Balance of Power and International Relations Theory

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Today the world is characterized by unprecedented unipolarity. Balance of power theory, therefore, cannot provide guidance for the world we are in. In responding to this statement, the essay will first discuss the logical fallacy inherent in its argument: though the balance of power theory BOP [1] emerged concurrent to certain types of power configuration in world politics—multipolarity and bipolarity in this case—it does not follow that it was these types of configuration per se that gave rise to the theory itself. Multipolarity and bipolarity can and should be considered, themselves, as manifestations of the underlying logic of the international system, which the BOP theory also embodies. This logic of relative positionality of states in an anarchic system, as this essay will argue, has not fundamentally changed since the emergence of BOP theory. This leads to the second empirical problem with the statement. On the one hand, a de facto unipolarity characterized by American hegemony has been around for much longer than the end of the Cold War.

Polarity (international relations)

Kenneth N. Waltz was drafted into the U. After graduating from Oberlin College with a degree in economics, he obtained a Ph. He wrote his dissertation under the direction of William T. Fox, an important theorist of military policy who is remembered for having coined the term superpower. Waltz taught political science at Oberlin —53 , Columbia —57 , Swarthmore College —66 , Brandeis University —71 , and the University of California , Berkeley —94 , where he was eventually appointed Ford Professor of Political Science later emeritus.

Polarity is about the num- ber of great powers, and surely at an academic level we must be able to count from one (unipolarity) to two (bipolarity), or three, four or​.

Polarity, Balance of Power and International Relations Theory

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This book discusses the rise of polarity as a key concept in International Relations Theory. Since the end of the Cold War, until at least the end of , there has been a wide consensus shared by American academics, political commentators and policy makers: the world was unipolar and would remain so for some time. By contrast, outside the US, a multipolar interpretation prevailed. This volume explores this contradiction and questions the Neorealist claim that polarity is the central structuring element of the international system.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. The collapse of the Soviet Union has produced the biggest change in the balance of power since World War II, thus transforming the bipolar system of the Cold War into a unipolar international system dominated by American power.

Multipolarity and multilateralism: Cooperative or rival cornerstones of a new world order?

Balance of Power Theory in Today’s International System

Systems Approach can be regarded as a useful approach to the study of International Politics. It can be used for an overall view of the relations among nations. It can be used for both macroscopic as well as microscopic studies of regional sub-systems which form parts of the international system. The concept of system can be used for achieving the objective of theory-building in international politics. The emergence of Systems Approach to the study of International Politics can be described as one of the most significant developments of the 20th century. Immediately after its birth, Systems Approach captured the interest of a large number of modern political scientists. They began using it as a convenient tool for a large scale macro-cosmic analysis of the political phenomena in the world.

Polarity in international relations is any of the various ways in which power is distributed within the international system. It describes the nature of the international system at any given period of time. One generally distinguishes three types of systems: unipolarity , bipolarity , and multipolarity for three or more centers of power.

Andrey Kortunov, Director General of the influential Russian think tank, the Russian International Affairs Council RIAC and one of the most brilliant Russian foreign policy analysts, has argued convincingly that the concept of multipolarity is a product of the 20th century and not a recent invention Kortunov, Nevertheless, multipolarity experienced a rebirth at the end of the 20th century and the start of the 21st century in Russia, China, and the EU. Today, different versions of multipolarity exist. Surprisingly, there is even debate around where, when, and who created the concept. In post-Soviet Russia, the concept is first and foremost associated with the late foreign and then Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov. But the Kremlin is cautious about the fact that a multipolar order is in the process of being established. Together, and despite public declarations, the involved states act as cliental forces and stem against the transition of the present and, to some extent, unipolar global system into a multipolar mode.

Request PDF | Polarity, Balance of Power and International Relations Theory | Since the end of the Cold War until at least the end of the first decade of the new​.

About this book

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Kenneth N. Waltz

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