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Nature and Scope of Public Finance

Public finance is that branch of economics that is concerned with the study of revenue and expenditure policies of the public authority and its related areas. It studies how public authority raises revenue and incur expenditures so that society can get maximum welfare. Besides income and expenditure of the public authority, public finance also studies how and when the government raises debt, manages financial administration of the government, and maintains stability and growth of the economy. But nowadays it not only includes the income and expenditure but also includes special economic activities such as full employment, economic development, equitable distribution of income, and wealth, etc. Besides the income and expenditure of the government, the subject matter of public finance has expanded in modern times because of the increasing functions of the government. The following are the subject matter of public finance.

Strategic Public Finance pp Cite as. This concluding chapter attempts to pull together the main strategic issues relating to public finance discussed in the previous chapters. Most people approach public finance from a particular perspective, whether as a service-specific policy-maker or practitioner, discipline-specific student or academic, financial auditor and so on. Being busy with the detail of the aspects of public finance for which they are responsible or with which they are concerned, they often cannot find sufficient time to stand back and think strategically about public finance. Hopefully, having worked through the previous chapters, the reader will now appreciate the extremely broad nature of public finance and the strategic issues underpinning it. It should, by now, be clear that public finance is not just a narrow budgeting issue.

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Meaning and Scope of Public Finance

Public finance is a field of economics concerned with how a government raises money, how that money is spent and the effects of these activities on the economy and society. It studies how governments at all levels—national, state and local—provide the public with desired services and how they secure the financial resources to pay for these services. Public finance deals with the finances of public bodies — national, State or Local — for the performance of their functions. The performance of these functions leads to expenditure. The expenditure is incurred from funds raised through taxes, fees, sale of goods and services and loans.

What does Public Finance mean? Public finance is a study of income and expenditure or receipt and payment of government. Professor Bastable, an English economist defines public finance as a subject that deals with the expenditure and income of the public authorities of the state. Both the aspects income and expenditure relate to the states financial administration and control. Read and share the given article in Hindi. Dalton defined the subject as one which concerns itself with the income and expenditure of public authorities and the adjustment of one to the other. But the public is collected name for an individual within an administrative territory and finance.

finance deals with all those sources or methods through which a government earns revenue. It studies the principles of taxation, methods of raising revenue, classification of revenue etc. • Public Expenditure- In.

Explain the Meaning and Scope of Public Finance (PDF) - Study Diary

Public finance is the study of the role of the government in the economy. Economist Jonathan Gruber has put forth a framework to assess the broad field of public finance. The proper role of government provides a starting point for the analysis of public finance. In theory, under certain circumstances, private markets will allocate goods and services among individuals efficiently in the sense that no waste occurs and that individual tastes are matching with the economy's productive abilities. If private markets were able to provide efficient outcomes and if the distribution of income were socially acceptable, then there would be little or no scope for government.

Introduction: The Meaning, Content and Objectives of Public Financial Management

The word public refers to general people and the word finance means resources. So Public Finance means resources of the masses,how they are collected and utilized. Thus, it is the branch of economics that studies the taxing and spending activities of government. It is that branch of general economics which deals with the financial activities of the state or government at national, state and local levels.

In simple layman terms, public finance is the study of finance related to government entities. It revolves around the role of government income and expenditure in the economy. By this definition, we can understand that public finance deals with income and expenditure of government entity at any level be it central, state or local. However in the modern day context, public finance has a wider scope — it studies the impact of government policies on the economy. As the name suggests, public income refers to the income of the government. The government earns income in two ways — tax income and non-tax income.

PDF | This article tries to analyze the concept, definition of public finance scope it includes? it is necessary to analysis the view and opinion of.

Public finance is a study of income and expenditure or receipt and payment of government. But public is collected name for individual within an administrative territory and finance. On the other hand, it refers to income and expenditure. Thus public finance in this manner can be said the science of the income and expenditure of the government.

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