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Cooper Circle Fitting By Linear And Nonlinear Least Squares Pdf

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Nonlinear models for fitting growth curves of Nellore cows reared in the Amazon Biome. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. The models were fitted by the Gauss-Newton method. The goodness of fit of the models was evaluated by using mean square error, adjusted coefficient of determination, prediction error and mean absolute error.

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Q: Regression i. Least-Squares Fit without a polynomial model? Subject: Regression i. I want to find the best fit in terms of minimizing the euclidian distance between the data points and the points on the arc. This is like traditional reqression except that I'm using an arc for the model instead of a polynomial. You provide: A mathmatical analysis of the problem and solution and a least-time algorithm for finding such a solution.

Subject: Re: Regression i. Hi john I suppose you mean 'least squares' algorithm, not "least-time algorithm"?? Also, when you say 'report that I can understand' , it would help if you would indicate level of your understanding and knowledge. From your question, I infer that you know c and understand the linear regession for polynomial coeficients. I also assume by 'report' you mean reasonable description you can understand, not a formal report or paper.

Finally, you should undertand that this algorithm involves a nonlinear regression, which is more diffcult then linear one, in terms of computer time and existence of local minima. If all these assumptions are correct, I can point you to a program in c which will find the coeficients and go through any necessary RFCs clarifications so that you understand it's operation.

I also wonder if the two angles describing inclusion of the the start and end of arc is really necesssary: The rule is that smaller number of unknowns 3 rather then 5 is much easier problem to solve. In most cases, the 'right end points' are obvious once you have the the three parameters of the 'best' circle.

However, there can be cases where true minimum of all five variables is needed if you can describe the application a bit, that may help as well: Is it one shot issue of given set of points, or something that will be repeated over and over, with all kinds of datasets; how many datapoints, runs, and how critical it is to know that you found true global minimum? In any case, I would like you give some thought to the issue of 3 vs 5 variables and respond with RFC.

We would then proceed to finding a suitable program. Request for Answer Clarification by johnswanstone-ga on 01 Jan PST hedgie, I see that you've marked your response as an answer to this question but since I don't have the things I'm looking for yet I'm not sure I agree with this classification.

You indicate that you have, or know of, a solution to non-linear regression problems written in C and indicate that my problem falls into such a classification, but you don't provide any explanation or analysis in support of this statement.

I think that a better approach would have been for you to lock the question for the 8 hours and then try to answer it to my satisfaction before moving to the answer state without providing the answer I requested.

To answer your questions: When I say 'least-time algorithm' that is exactly what I mean. A least-squares minimization of error would be one way to minimize the Euclidean distance between all the data points and the arc segment. When I say a report that I can understand, I mean a written description of the step-by-step process taken to solve the problem and an fully detailed explanation of each step, why it was taken and how it fits into the overall solution.

I would reply that that is part of original problem and that would be your job well I can code up any equation that you provide. The two-angle criteria is required. How else can you describe an arc given the equation for a circle?

I guess given an equation for a circle it would be possible to find the nearest as in Euclidian distance projection on the circle for each data point and then pick the smallest arc that encloses all those projections. What I'm doing is finding the boundary of a curved surface in an image. I run various image processing algorithms which include noise reduction and contrast enhancement and then I run an edge detection.

The input data to this problem is the output pixels of the edge detection algorithm. Request for Answer Clarification by johnswanstone-ga on 01 Jan PST I forgot to mention that I'm doing this analysis on several images and that I would hope that the solution code would take no more than seconds or so to run on a modern PC. You are right that I could have post these initial questions into RFC area.

Particularly since it created this negative initial reaction, I see now that would be a better choice. I can of course withdraw the answer and I will to that if I do not manage to repair this opening. There are few issues to resolve before we make that decision, namely to post the answer or withdraw the initial dialog form the answer area Task is LSF of a circular arc to set of data points [x.

Nonlinear regression involves iterations: One starts with initial guess, and in a series of steps descends to the bottom of the nearby valley. That valley can be a local minimum of the Objectve Function. There is no way to guarantee that global minimum was reached, other then exhaustive search. This problem cannot be avoided: I can give you example which has four very different solution, 4 circles fitting the same set of points equally badly, but all being the best fit.

So, if you insist on having an algorithm which guarantees global minimum, I will withdraw the answer. It cannot be done. We also would need to clarify this term 'least-time algorithm'. Do you refer to a CPU time?

The only 'least time' I am aware of is in time-optimal control theory and that does not fit. Can you provide some reference -a web site where this term is defined? Finally:"The two-angle criteria is required" requirement can be analyzed as follows this is a correction of my first reaction ".. Therefore, once the 'best circle' was found by 3 parameter minimization It the cost behaves as follow: if arc is extended beyond the edge point, the cost will not change.

Edge points are well defined once the center of the circle was found as having radius center to point line with largest and smallest angle. Therefore these two parameters, arc end angles, should not be included in the iterations many minimiaer routines choke when variabes do not affect the Cost. The computational cost is to flops per data point. I do not know if that fits into you 10 s , since you did not mentioned value of N. That cost will go up if you make several runs for each data set, each with different initial guess, which is recommended to verify that global minimum was reached.

So, if you want the answer with these limitations and problems, please to an RFC; I will be happy to wthdraw this 'non-answer' from the answer area if you prefer that. Clarification of Answer by hedgie-ga on 02 Jan PST May the 'least time' in 'least time algorithm' is not a technical term, perhaps you just mean that algorithm should be fast?

I can find one which is fast and pay extra attention to selection of initial guess which has big effect on CPU time however, once again, I cannot promise the fastest possible one.

This is an active and evolving field and to find 'fastest way' to do a task - that is a different - and a more dificult task then finding a fast way, or fastest know way. Kindly clarify this also. Good spelling or good math? Request for Answer Clarification by johnswanstone-ga on 02 Jan PST hedgie, I don't have any objections to having you answer this question as long as I feel that I do get a complete and correct answer.

You can understand why I would feel a little upset in that situation. I've taken a look at your reference page and I understand that there can be no guaranteed best solution. You mention that the in my specific case that the number of local minima are rare.

I'm very curious about how you know that. Is this a fact in the sense of a mathematical proof or more a "rule of thumb" you math guys "just know". I'd like to see the derivation of this process applied to my problem. I understand that this process will involve inverting a matrix for each iteration and that is pretty much a solved problem mathematically and computationally.

I'd like a little insight into how you make your decision on which algorithm to choose for my problem. As this is the very first time that I've used answers. What I didn't want was a mathematically correct answer but an impossible one to compute. I just love the way you math guys can throw out things like I'm looking for a solution that can converge to a solution given input points in less than 10 seconds on a modern PC. It is not necessary to complicate the analysis or the solution unduly to shave a few milliseconds off the "straight forward" approach.

I started with the answer and then decided to have few things clarified first. I should have switched from the answer area to the RFC area. In any case, you should know that according to the Terms of Service , "Answers to your questions", point 5, Google grants full refunds for all reasonable requests for up to 30 days after answers are posted. It is based on a custom search of literature on LSF of the circular arcs. Such task is part of the 'computer vision' techniques and so the different algorithms and their speed of execution were topic of active research since the sixties.

When I say 'in your case' ,"multiple minima are rare", I mean, when fitting circular arcs, not the specific data sets you have. That is based on a recent review article, which to compare speed of different algorithms did numerical experiments on random data.

This review article, and few others I found, including an PhD thesis on the topic, from Brown university, are listed in references at the end of this answer. This is the outline of the Report: 1 Intro - how do we know problem is nonlinear and has a solution s?

Quadratic from, which we get e. In our case, the equations which determine minimum are nonlinear. They may have no solution or have several solutions. The minimization of the nonlinear function F cannot be accomplished by a finite algorithm. Various iterative algorithms have been applied to this end.

The most successful and popular are a the Levenberg-Marquardt method. They all use iterations - a series of smaller and smaller steps, which move the 'point' from the initial guess to the minimum.

Therefore, as a first step we will select different coordinates for our space. The new coordinates add straight lines to the solution set, and also guarantee that there is at least one finite solution. Methods were developed which allow one to select good initial guess without iterations. N Solving a linear set of equations with coefficients M.

The fitting algorithms are defined in CircleFit. Chernov and C. What is an Implicit Polynomial Curve?

Implicit Polynomial IP curves and surfaces are mathematical models for the rep resentation of 2D curves and 3D surfaces, respectively. Blane, Z. Lei, H.

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Q: Regression i. Least-Squares Fit without a polynomial model? Subject: Regression i. I want to find the best fit in terms of minimizing the euclidian distance between the data points and the points on the arc. This is like traditional reqression except that I'm using an arc for the model instead of a polynomial. You provide: A mathmatical analysis of the problem and solution and a least-time algorithm for finding such a solution.

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Nonlinear Curve- Fitting Program. Nonlinear optimization algorithm helps in finding best- fit curve. Utilizes nonlinear optimization algorithm calculating best statistically weighted values of parameters of fitting function and X sup 2 minimized. Provides user with such statistical information as goodness of fit and estimated values of parameters producing highest degree of correlation between experimental data and mathematical model. A common method for fitting data is a least-squares fit.

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It shows high accumulation in cardiomyocytes and rapid clearance from liver. The minimum dynamic scan duration for kinetic analysis was also investigated and computer simulation undertaken. Two-compartment K 1 and k 2 ; 2C2P and three-compartment K 1 — k 3 ; 3C3P models with irreversible uptake were compared for goodness-of-fit. Results were compared with the standard ROI-based nonlinear least-squares NLS results of the corresponding compartment model.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Metrology systems take coordinate information directly from the surface of a manufactured part and generate millions of X, Y, Z data points.


Analysis of Learning Curve Fitting Techniques. Neter, John and others. Applied Linear Regression Models. Homewood IL: Irwin, Linear Regression Techniques

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