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Transnasal Endoscopic Skull Base And Brain Surgery Pdf

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Endoscopic skull base surgery has undergone rapid advancement in the past decade moving from pituitary surgery to suprasellar lesions and now to a myriad of lesions extending from the cribriform plate to C2 and laterally out to the infratemporal fossa and petrous apex.

Metrics details. Endonasal endoscopic skull base surgery has undergone rapid technological developments and is now widely performed, but its strengths and weaknesses deserve further investigation and deliberation.

Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery and Reconstruction

This book in its 2nd edition is destined to become a milestone in the field of endoscopic endonasal surgery. Throughout its pages and 72 chapters, the book represents a tour de force that covers all aspects of endonasal endoscopic surgery, from the original anatomy to the management of complications. On looking at the cover of the book, readers understand that the author aims to explore the entire skull base, giving special attention to anatomical details related to each endoscopic approach. Generally, each chapter includes a brief introduction on the argument, a detailed focus on the specific topic and clear conclusions that help to fix the most important concepts. The presence of the Key-points Table focuses the attention of the reader and facilitates a rapid rereading of the chapter. Many anatomical images from different contributors accompany the text, embellishing several chapters.

With our expertise, technological equipment, and our collaborative effort with various surgical subspecialties, we provide a number of specialized neurological procedures. The Neurosurgery Department specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the central and peripheral nervous system. These would include brain and spine tumors, complex spine disease requiring surgery, skull-based surgery, and vascular lesions. Our department is the regional sub-specialty care center for Cerebrovascular Disorders. We strive to bring integrated and interdisciplinary approaches to surgical treatment for stroke and neurovascular conditions, such as brain aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, Moya Moya disease, cavernous malformations, and dural arteriovenous fistulas. Welcome Tab.

Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery

Outstanding endoscopic skull base surgical resource presents cutting-edge approaches from multidisciplinary global experts. Transnasal endoscopic skull base and brain surgery have undergone major technical advances in recent years. The accumulation of experience and exciting technological innovations — including high-definition cameras, more ergonomic and precise surgical instruments, as well as new hemostatic agents — have enabled safer and more efficacious treatment of lesions affecting highly complex and delicate regions. This fully revised and updated second edition of Transnasal Endoscopic Skull Base and Brain Surgery: Surgical Anatomy and its Applications builds on the acclaimed first edition, focusing on the correlation between endoscopic skull base anatomy and state-of-the-art clinical applications. Renowned skull base surgeon Aldo Stamm and leading worldwide experts have compiled a comprehensive multidisciplinary textbook with 72 chapters in 14 sections, didactically organized by regions and diseases. Detailed descriptions of sinonasal, orbital, cranial base, and intracranial anatomy, imaging modalities, and in-depth surgical navigation techniques form the foundation of this remarkable book.

Transnasal Endoscopic Skull Base and Brain Surgery

A very well-written textbook for the treatment of skull base pathology. The high-quality operative, dissection, and imaging photographs make this an excellent resource for the skull base surgeon. Ideal for both otolaryngologisthead and neck surgeons and neurosurgeons, Transnasal Endoscopic Skull Base and Brain Surgery: Tips and Pearls gathers together in one comprehensive volume invaluable advice from world-renowned authorities on state-of-the-art endoscopic technologies and techniques.

If this precondition is not satisfied, the technology should be abandoned. In , in an article in the British Medical Journal , Charles Wilson outlined the drivers and barriers to the adoption of new surgical technology into neurosurgical practice.


In patients with large dural defects of the anterior and ventral skull base after endonasal skull base surgery, there is a significant risk of a postoperative cerebrospinal fluid leak after reconstruction. Endoscopic reconstruction with vascularized tissue is desirable to facilitate rapid healing, especially in irradiated patients. We developed a neurovascular pedicled flap of the nasal septum mucoperiosteum and mucoperichondrium based on the nasoseptal artery, a branch of the posterior septal artery Hadad-Bassagasteguy flap [HBF]. A retrospective review of patients undergoing endonasal skull base surgery at the University of Rosario, Argentina, and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center was performed to identify patients who were reconstructed with a vascularized septal mucosal flap. Forty-three patients undergoing endonasal cranial base surgery were repaired with the septal mucosal flap. We encountered no infectious or wound complications in this series of patients.

The authors have no personal, financial, or institutional interest in any of the drugs, materials, or devices described in this article. The second edition of the textbook Surgery of the Craniovertebral Junction edited by Drs Bambakidis, Dickman, Spetzler, and Sonntag constitutes a collection of well-written reviews regarding the treatment of pathologies occurring at the craniovertebral junction. The book is divided into 4 sections: background, surgical indications and decision making, surgical techniques, and arthrodesis techniques. The first section provides surgically relevant information regarding the embryology and anatomy of the craniovertebral junction. The chapter on biomechanical characteristics of the craniovertebral junction by Dr Dickman and colleagues is particularly noteworthy.

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PDF | On Aug 1, , Aldo Stamm and others published Transnasal Endoscopic Skull Base and Brain Surgery - Surgical Anatomy and its Applications | Find.

Atlas of Endoscopic Sinus and Skull Base Surgery


The large increase in the number of transnasal endoscopic skull base surgeries is a consequence of greater knowledge of the anatomic region, the development of specific materials and instruments, and especially the use of the nasoseptal flap as a barrier between the sinus tract contaminated cavity and the subarachnoid space sterile area , reducing the high risk of contamination. To assess the otorhinolaryngologic complications in patients undergoing endoscopic surgery of the skull base, in which a nasoseptal flap was used. This was a retrospective study that included patients who underwent endoscopic skull base surgery with creation of a nasoseptal flap, assessing for the presence of the following post-surgical complications: cerebrospinal fluid leak, meningitis, mucocele formation, nasal synechia, septal perforation prior to posterior septectomy , internal nasal valve failure, epistaxis, and olfactory alterations. The study assessed 41 patients undergoing surgery. Of these, 35 had pituitary adenomas macro- or micro-adenomas; sellar and suprasellar extension , three had meningiomas two tuberculum sellae and one olfactory groove , two had craniopharyngiomas, and one had an intracranial abscess.

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Transnasal Endoscopic Skull Base and Brain Surgery

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Lessons learned in the evolution of endoscopic skull base surgery

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