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March 2018
Bob Young K9VPD, from Newburgh IN, upgraded today from Advanced to Extra Class


March 2018 testing

Testing from our March 2018 testing session welcomed a new technician,
and an upgrade to extra class.  Congratulations


Bob Schuler
 Bob Schuler passed his Technician and General tests on 7-20-16

 4-11 group 

Testing from April 11, 2016 welcomed two new technician licenses and a general upgrade.

    andy general 
DCARC conducted a technician class on November 7-8, 2015.  Two new technicians were welcomed to the hobby, and Andy (KD9DVS) upgraded to general class license.

Nine people received their Technician class license at a testing session on April 26, 2015
KC9ZAR upgraded to General Class

Class resources

Class Study Guide (Dan Romanchiks's No-Nonsense No Code Technician Class License Study Guide)

FCC ULS License Lookup

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Computer test generator (not web-based):

Fee-based test prep

Technician Question Pool (from the NCVEC)

AH0A Technician Study Notes

Technician license self-study

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