Fox Hunts

October 2017
A fox hunt was held on Sunday, October 8th.  The transmitter was hidden at the Mt. Gilead church cemetery, South of Cumback.  The starting point was the Washington Wal-Mart parking lot.  A good signal was observed from the starting point, and the lone team of Andy (K9AWM) and Bruce (KC9HTC) left for the hunt.  Ken (KC9TTR) hid the fox and was waiting at the den.  Andy had his APRS transmitting, and Ken was able to watch their progress as they proceeded along the route.  The team made great choices at the crossroads taking bearings and were able to find the fox in 65 minutes, with a distance driven of 8.2 miles.  Very good navigating make them successful.

June 2016 
The June fox hunt was held in conjunction with field day this year.  The starting point was the Washington township Volunteer Fire Department.  Mike Ladson hid the fox and two hunters were present.  Ken, KC9TTR with Bert, KC9LDK and Andy, K9AWM.  The transmitter was hidden a short distance away in a flower pot at Jump-N-Jax near the Walmart plaza.  Ken and Bert went the wrong way from the starting point, but realized the mistake as the signal got weaker.  Eventually they ended up near the final location after some circling.  They parked the car and started on foot and saw the tranmitter antenna.  It was a good urban hide.  Andy was next to find the fox.

May 2016
The May fox hunt was actually held on June 5th, 2016.  The starting point was from the 4-H building at the Eastside Park.  It was stated that the winner would be determined by first to find the hidden transmitter.  Steve and Jerry hid the transmitter.  Hunters included Ken, KC9TTR, Mike Ladson and John Steele teamed up using Jerry's equipment, and Andy Morrison and his father rounded out the field.  The signal was strong from the starting point and all three teams took off.  Most all teams agreed that the hidden transmitter was pretty close.  Mike and John were first to decide that the transmitter was actually still located inside the park.  Ken made a trip around the outer park area and eventually ended back at the park.  Ken parked his car and took off on foot.  He was able to locate the transmitter pretty quickly and then noticed that Mike was only a few feet away, but had not actually found the transmitter yet.  Mike was second to find the transmitter using Ken's equipment, then John found the transmitter using Jerry's equipment.  Andy had attenuation problems and was talked back to the park.  He used Ken's equipment and was able to find the fox quickly.  The rest of the time was spent fine tuning each others equipment and determining the deficiencies of each.

April 2016
The April DCARC fox hunt was held Sunday, April 24th.  The 3pm starting point was from the Eastside Park in Washington.  Ken (KC9TTR) hid the fox in the parking lot at the Gasthof Village in Montgomery.  Steve and Jerry, and John found the fox in 1 hour 30 minutes, driving 33 miles.  Bruce encountered problems and gave up the hunt.  Andy was near the site, but had to be talked in at the 2 hour time limit.  He had only driven 22 miles.  The winner was based on mileage driven and Jerry, Steve, or John will hide the fox next month.  Here is a link to the map

March 2016
The March DCARC fox hunt was held Sunday, March 20th.  The starting point was at the Eastside park and Andy (K9AWM) hid the fox.  There were three hunters, Ken (KC9TTR), Steve (KC9ZAP), and Bruce (KC9HTC).  With a few adjustments, all three hunters were able to hear the fox, and the teams left for the hunt.  Ken was first to find the fox in 46 minutes with 14.2 miles driven.  Bruce and Steve met up on the road and found the fox together at 99 minutes and 36 miles driven.  The fox was hidden at one of the dead ends created by I-69 in the North part of the county.  Andy hid the fox and transmitted 5 watts into a yagi antenna from the den.  Here is a link to the map of the hide.  Ken will hide the fox next month.

February 2016
The February fox hunt was held on Sunday, February 28th.  The 2pm starting point was from the Eastside Park in Washington.  Five teams showed up for the hunt.  Mike Wright (KF9NP) from Bedford, Bernie Heffernan (KB9AWS) from Indianapolis, Ken (KC9TTR) with Steven (KC9TTQ), Jerry (KC9ZAR) with Steve (KC9ZAP), and Andy (K9AWM). Bruce (KC9HTC) was the fox.  All hunters showed a North-East bearing from the park and started on the hunt.  The new hunters were first to find the fox den.  Bernie showed up first within 30 minutes, but had not located the actual transmitter.  Mike was next to arrive and found the transmitter before Bernie could find it.  Ken and Steven showed up in third place a short time later.  Jerry and Steve were next to find the fox den.  Andy was talked in a short time later.  Bruce hid the transmitter at Sugarland Memory Gardens, just North of Washington.  All hunters experienced difficulties due to the 40mph wind.  Many hunters had tape measure yagis, and the wind really created a problem with the elements.  Mike was declared the overall winner, but deferred hiding the fox next month due to not being from the area.   

January 2016

The January fox hunt was held on Sunday, January 3rd.  The 3pm starting point was from the Walmart parking lot.  There were three teams in the hunt.  Bruce (KC9HTC) and Dave (W9DP), Jerry (KC9ZAR) and Steve (KC9ZAP), and Andy (K9AWM).  Ken (KC9TTR) was the fox and the transmitter was hidden at St. Peters cemetery in Montgomery.  Bruce and Dave were first to arrive in 56 minutes with a distance of 12 miles.  Jerry and Steve arrived after 1 hour and 44 minutes, with a distance traveled of 23.7 miles.  Andy arrived in 1 hour and 46 minutes with a distance traveled of 22.4 miles.  Bruce was declared the winner by distance and will hide the fox in February.  Here is a link to the map

December 2015 
The fox hunt was held on December 6th.  It was a beautiful fall day with very pleasant temperatures.  There were three teams hunting the fox.  Andy (K9AWM), Ken (KC9TTR), and Steve (KC9ZAP) with Jerry (KC9ZAR).  Jerry had a newly fabricated yagi and attenuator that proved to be very effective.  The starting point was at the highest point at the Eastside park, but no one was able to hear the hidden transmitter from the spot.  Bruce (KC9HTC) was the fox and talked from his ht until we were able to get a bearing.  All three teams headed North on Sugarland road.  After a while, we were all able to hear the transmitter with a strong signal.  All three teams split at that point.  Ken (KC9TTR) was first to find the fox in about 30 minutes, with Jerry and Steve only trailing by about 5 minutes.  Andy located the fox a little later, so all three teams were successful.  After talking and examining the antenna, we determined that the original antenna was defective, and that is why we could not hear the transmitter at first.  We have made a traveling plaque to signify the winners of the fox hunt.  Ken will hide the transmitter in January for the next hunt.  Here is a link to the beginning and ending sites.

November 2015
The November fox hunt was held Sunday, November 1st at 3pm.  The beginning spot was the Walmart parking lot.  Two teams were in the hunt.  Bruce (KC9HTC) and Andy (KD9DVS).  The transmitter was hidden by Ken (KC9TTR) at the Cornettsville cemetery.  The site was approximately 9.5 miles away as the crow flies.  Because of the high elevation of the hiding spot, the transmitter was able to transmit 1 watt and still be heard at Walmart.  The hunt proved harder than expected.  Both Bruce and Andy were getting big readings at the Eastside Park and near the airport.  Ken gave several clues to help the hunters and Bruce was able to find the transmitter after 1 hour and 44 min and driving 19 miles.  Andy did not find the transmitter within the 2 hour limit.  Bruce will hide the transmitter next month.  Here is a map to the hiding spot.
October 2015
The October fox hunt was held Sunday, October 11th at 4pm.  The beginning spot was at the South boat ramp at the Glendale FWA.  Three teams were present.  Ken (KC9TTR) and two guests, Andy (KD9DVS) and family, and Steve (KC9ZAP) and Jerry (KC9ZAR).  Bruce (KC9HTC) hid the fox transmitter.  He used high power of 5 watts and the antenna with the most gain.  The rules for this hunt were simple, be the first to find the transmitter and sign the log.  Ken was first to find the transmitter and sign the log at 4:51.  The high power proved to cause quite a problem with attenuating the signal, and the other two teams were unsuccessful in finding the fox.  Here is a link to the hidden transmitter site.  Here are some pictures from the hunt.  The next fox hunt will be Sunday November 1st and the starting point will be at 3pm at the Wal-Mart parking lot.

September 2015
The September fox hunt was held Sept 7th, 2015.  Two teams hunted the fox and KD9DVS (Andy) hid the fox.  Paul (KB9TUO) observed the event and accompanied Andy at the final destination site.  One team consisted of Ken (KC9TTR), Leo (N9LEO), and Aaron (KD9BML).  The other participant was Bruce (KC9HTC).
Bruce (KC9HTC) was declared the winner, finding the hidden transmitter in 28 minutes and driving a total of 5 miles.  Ken, Leo, and Aaron finished second and found the transmitter in 42 minutes, driving a total of 7 miles.  The fox was hidden at a cemetery on old Hwy 50, West of Washington.  Here are some pictures from the event
Bruce will hide the fox next month and determine rules for the hunt.  Thanks for everyone that participated.

August 2015
The DCARC had our first mobile fox hunt August 2, 2015.  We had four teams hunting for the hidden transmitter.  Jeremy and son, Andy and his father and daughter, Jerry and Steve, and Ken rode along with Bruce Clendenen.  All four teams left Wal-Mart parking lot a few minutes apart after obtaining the initial bearings toward the transmitter.  There were multiple routes to get to the transmitter as almost all the teams took different routes.  Jerry and Steve were first to arrive after about 45 min.  Bruce and Ken found Andy and his father at a cemetery very near to the final destination.  They worked together to arrive with the final bearings.  They arrived at the final destination within a few minutes of each other.  Their elapsed time was about 1 hour and 30 minutes.  Mileage was taken and the winner mileage wise was Andy with 9 miles driven.  Steve and Jerry drove 18 miles, and Bruce drove 22 miles.  Jeremy did not finish the hunt, although found out later that he was very close to the transmitter at one point.  He had some equipment malfunction.  The most efficient route to the hidden transmitter would have been about 3.2 miles.  Here is a map to the hidden transmitter site.  Here is a link to a video made with pictures from the day.